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Robinson Scholars Participate in Morehead State's Space Science Program

From the Lexington Herald:

The Morehead State University Space Science Center recently held its first Space Science Weekend for high school students.

This was a continuation of a weeklong Space Science Camp in July. Jointly sponsored with the University of Kentucky's Robinson Scholars Program, the weekend program offered 12 students the chance to learn about surveillance balloon launching.

With the help of former Stanford University astrophysicist Bob Twigg, students designed and built instrument panels and attached them to clusters of helium-fille balloons, which they then launched.

Each instrument panel included a camera, which was programmed to snap one photo every 10 seconds looking back toward Earth once the balloon cleared the launching area.

Students were organized into teams. Each team conducted three launchings. After the first and second tries, they revised and adapted their equipment to function better.

High winds prevented the balloons from reaching the high altitudes hoped for, but enough data was collected to make the day a success. Students downloaded the data onto a laptop computer after each launching returned to Earth.

The students will return to Morehead on November 19th for an astronomy session with Tonino Carnevali, professor of physics and astronomy.