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Our Sponsors


EQT Foundation provides major funding for the Robinson Scholars Program

The EQT Foundation has granted the Robinson Scholars Program a $50,000 gift to fund our high school programming in 2012-13. Through its corporate citizenship initiative, the 120-year old natural gas company helps make possible Robinson summer camps, school-year development programs, and meaningful community service among Robinson Leaders and Scholars.

EQT has been in the natural gas business for more than 120 years and dedicates itself to good corporate citizenship. EQT illustrates this commitment by supporting educational programs for children and promoting community and economic development with training, mentorship and program underwriting. EQT contributes to a strong, diverse community with a commitment to arts, culture and heritage.
“Supporting students with financial or cultural challenges in order for them to be on equal footing in the workforce and beyond is one of EQT Foundation’s top priorities,” said Charlene Petrelli, President, EQT Foundation. “Providing resources that promote proficiency in core academic skills opens up a world of options and choices for students who may not have had them before. In turn, they are in a greater position to make positive contributions directly affecting the stability and health of their community and local economy.  For this reason, EQT Foundation is proud to support the Robinson Scholars Program at The University of Kentucky.”
An excellent example of how the EQT grant will help the Robinson Scholars Program promote our communities is facilitation of educational theater co-sponsored by Mountain Rural Telephone in West Liberty, Farm Bureau, and the Appalachian Heritage Alliance. The project will bring performances of Tom Sawyer and Aesop’s Fables to more than 1,000 elementary school students in Menifee, Morgan, and Wolfe counties Sept. 18-20, 2012. The program was coordinated by students in the Robinson Leaders Program and the Appalachian Heritage Alliance.

The generous grant from EQT will also support a variety of community service efforts by Robinson Leaders in our 29-county service area. The grant also enables the Robinson Scholars Program to offer themed summer camps in Appalachian heritage and arts, space science, environmental science and education, and college boot camp. Our signature summer camps are offered free of charge to students in the Robinson Scholars Program.

During the 2012-13 school year, the EQT grant will support weekend and school day programming such as ACT and leadership workshops, campus and school visits, community service projects, and events that prepare our high school students for college success.