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Robinson Scholars who enroll at the University of Kentucky or any KCTCS community college receive full scholarships (tuition and fees, room and board, and a book allowance), as well as extra services to help them achieve their academic goals. The Program seeks to connect students to the larger institution, to its people, to its services, and to its culture. It holds its Scholars to a high standard and expects them to perform well in the classroom, be involved in the campus community, and be committed to volunteer service. It equips students to perform at their highest levels, both as college students and in their lives beyond our institution, and it encourages students that they can and will succeed. With these goals in mind and with consideration for the challenges Scholars face, the Program provides the following support and programming at the college level. All programming at the college level is under the supervision of the College Services Coordinator, George Scott.

George Scott will service as the primary point of contact for all UK and KCTCS students. While students will be assigned a primary academic advisor prior to their first year of college, the College Services Coordintaor also acts as a secondary academic advisor and primary point of resource for any student having difficulty with academics, financials, social issues, or other problems that may occur during college. At UK, the Robinson Scholars office is always open to scholar to study, meet with the College Services Coordinator, hang out, and even printing resources are available for free. We encourage all our scholars to visit the Robinson Scholars Office located in 217C Funkhouser on weekly basis.

"My primary focus has been to create an open-door environment between the College Services Coordinator, the services I can provide, and the students. Since entering into this position, there has been an entire culture shift in the office, where students now consider the Robinson Scholars Office a lounge for them to study, interact with one another, visit on a daily basis, and simply relax. The office provides computers for students to use, and printing services are free for scholars as well. The advising service I provide is on a more personal level, giving the scholars a true feeling of connection with me, the Program, and the University of Kentucky. Beyond the appointments that are required for the scholars to make, I have an open-door policy and am always focused on what they need and try to address any problems they are having socially or academically immediately."

Freshmen scholars at the University of Kentucky are required to live on campus in a pre-designated residence hall where the First- Generation Living Learning Community has been placed. All scholars are a member of this LLC, where they can interact with peers who come from similar backgrounds. This also keeps scholars closer together, who have been together throughout the years, so that they can continue to enrich their relationships with one another while in college. On top of having to take UK 101, scholars must take UK 110 during their spring semester as part of being members of the LLC. This class helps students explore different major options and helps them understand career preparation and development.

The Robinson Ambassadorship gives scholars the opportunity to earn extra funds as primary representatives of the program. These scholars not only serve in a peer mentoring capacity for college students, but a focus has also been created to better bridge the college and high-school programs, so they also serve as mentors to high-school scholars about to enter the University of Kentucky. Ambassadors are also required to work a certain number of hours in the Robinson Scholars office, giving them the chance to learn the administrative side of the program and further a deeper connection with it. We currently have nine ambassadors, and this is another program that scholars can apply for each spring term for the following academic year.

The program has recently acquired a standing donation of $2000 a year to give two Robinson Scholars per academic year the chance to go abroad, an initiative that we have been expanding on, as well as the University as a whole.  Globalization and international study have been subjects scholars should currently focus on, and the program now has an official education abroad liaison from the Office of International Affairs.

As a KCTCS student, you will have an amazing number of chances to get involved and participate in activities that are unique to college students. Don't waste this opportunity. Involved students find more satisfaction in their college experience, they make better grades, and they are typically more successful when they leave the university.

Below are links to activities pages, calendars and campus events at each community college.

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Below is a link to the updated version of the Robinson Scholars Policy Handbook.

Robinson Scholars Program College Policy