Timeline for Reaffirmation: Reaffirmation Year: 2013

January 2010     Pre-planning activity completed
February 2010 Leadership Team established   QEP Topic Selection Team established
March 2010 Leadership Team holds initial meeting   QEP Topic Selection Team holds initial meeting
September 2010   Compliance Certification Team established
Orientation meeting for all members
Campus-wide call for pre-proposals
October 2010 Announce process, infrastructure, and timeline to the Board of Trustees Compliance Certification Team commences regular meetings & activities beginning preparation of narratives and supporting documentation. QEP Pre-proposals due
QEP Update to Faculty Senate
December 2010 SACSCOC Annual Meeting - Louisville, KY
  QEP Proposals selected for white paper process
January 2011     QEP Top three proposals announced to campus
February 2011     Finalize QEP Topic
March 2011     QEP Topic approved by Leadership Team and announced to campus.
QEP Development Team appointed & planning activities commence
June 2011 Members of the Leadership Team attend SACSCOC Orientation Meeting in Atlanta.
Institutional Summary submitted to SACS
July 2011     QEP Development Team (4 members) attend SACSCOC Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation
September 2011   Complete Compliance Certification-Draft Due  
November 2011   Remaining Compliance Certification issues addressed  
January 2012   Compliance Certification Document refined  
February - May 2012   Refined Compliance Certification edited and verified adherence to Electronic Submission Guidelines QEP Draft vetted
June - July 2012   Compliance Certification Document finalized QEP refined and finalized
August 2012     QEP Approval Process completed by Leadership Team
September 2012 Updated Institutional Summary submitted.

Compliance Certification Report submitted to SACSCOC in Atlanta by 9/10/12. QEP vetted to campus (pilot programs) and refined
November 9 - 11, 2012 Off-Site review conducted- results given to Summary for Focused Report   QEP document prepared for SACSCOC
December 2012 SACSCOC Annual Meeting    
January 2013     QEP submitted to SACS
February 2013 Submit Focused Report and QEP    
May 2013 Receipt of Reaffirmation Report    
September 2013 Submit Site Visit Reponse to SACS    
December 2013 Reaffirmation Announced at SACSCOC Annual Meeting   QEP approved by Board of Trustees
April 9 - 11, 2013 On-Site Visit