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The final report
of the SACS Reaffirmation Committee

is now available on this site.

Reaffirmation Committee Named
(March, 2002)

Membership of the Reaffirmation Committee
that will visit UK's campus on 15-18 April was made public on 1 March.
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Chair of Reaffirmation Commmittee on Campus
(February, 2002)

Dr. Roger Sayers, President Emeritus and Professor of Biology, University of Alabama, will serve as Chair of the Reaffirmation Committee that will be on UK's campus April 15-18, 2002. This site visit is part of the self-study process required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, (SACS/COC) every ten years for accreditation.

Dr. Sayers will make a preliminary visit to the UK campus February 13-14, 2002. The purpose of his trip will be to assess the University's readiness for the April site visit. He will also provide us with information regarding the members of the visiting committee, distance learning sites to be visited, and other relevant information.

While on campus Dr. Sayers will meet with President Lee T. Todd, Jr. and others in the administration and will review the on-campus work arrangements for the visiting committee and their accommodations. Dr. Sayers will also meet and work with the Self-Study Director and the members of the Executive Committee.

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Self-Study report.

The Self Study was presented to the Board of Trustees on
Tuesday, 11 December, 2001,
and by unanimous vote approved for submission
to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
of the Commission on Colleges.
(December, 2001)

from Connie Vaughn (1 June, 2001)

The Self-Study office has officially moved to the CATS Center in Memorial Coliseum. The deptartmetnal office is on the second floor, room 235 (speed sort 0019). We have phone (same number, 257-7915, although our fax number has changed)[Ed. note: These changes are now reflected in the information in the lower left corner of every Self Study web page] and computers, but no "office" furniture yet. I will be working on getting us completely set up over next several days.

Those of you who planned to deliver your documentation, please bring it to our new home.

You can enter the CATS Center by going to the front of the Memorial Coliseum. We are on the extreme right hand side if you are standing on Euclid looking toward downtown. If you come through the front lobby, take stairs or elevator to the second floor, come all the way to the back hall and you'll find us there.

The Self-Study Plan is available on-line here and in hard copy from the Self-Study office.

The Writing Guidelines for the Self-Study report are available on-line as well as in hard copy from the Self-Study office.

Drafts of committee/subcommittee reports are now available for review by committee members (restricted access during the early stages of revision - later versions will be available to the general public).

Minutes from meetings of the Steering Committee (in PDF Format)

7 February, 2000 9 January, 2001
25 February, 2000 7 February, 2001
10 March, 2000 21 February, 2001
23 March, 2000 7 March, 2001
4 April, 2000 (with SACS representative David Carter) 11 April, 2001
7 April, 2000 30 May, 2001
21 April, 2000 13 June, 2001
23 May, 2000 19 July, 2001
22 June, 2000 6 August, 2001
16 August, 2000 13 August, 2001
- Goals (attachment) 23 August, 2001
29 August, 2000 28 August, 2001
12 September, 2000 30 August, 2001
26 September, 2000 31 August, 2001
10 October, 2000 4 September, 2001
14 November, 2000 6 September, 2001
12 December, 2000 14 November, 2001

Old news (archives of news postings)

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