of the
University of Kentucky
Student Social Work Association

Article I- Name

The official title of the organization is the University of Kentucky Social Work Association. The accepted abbreviated form is the Social Work Association and may be simply SWA.

Article II- Purpose

It is the purpose of the SWA to: (A) promote social justice while providing community service, (B) provide opportunities for continuing education, and (C) develop students as professional social workers.

Article III- Fiscal Year

The year shall be considered that period of time from the last day of Spring semester of one year to the last day of the following Spring semester.

Article IV- Membership

Section I- Regular Members
Any student may become a regular member of SWA by payment of dues in the amount of $10 for the fiscal year.

Section II- Faculty Advisors/ Honorary Members
The faculty sponsors and/or advisors shall be considered ex-officio, honorary members. Honorary membership may also be bestowed upon any other individual with approval of the two Co-Presidents, Treasurer, and Faculty Advisor.

Article V- Officers

Section I- The Officers
The officers of the SWA are the Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Service and Social Activity Coordinator(s). Officer elections will be held at the second last meeting at the end of the fiscal year.

Section II- The Officer's Duties

Paragraph 1. The Co-Presidents
At least one of the Co-Presidents shall: (1) be at all meetings, (2) be an ex-officio member with a vote on all committees, (3) not vote in regular meetings unless a tie must be broken, (4) represent the SWA whenever necessary unless another representative is so appointed, (5) maintain parliamentary procedure, and (6) oversee/assist committees
Paragraph 2. The Secretary
The Secretary shall: (1) attend all meetings, (2) keep minutes of all meetings, (3) be responsible for correspondence, (4) oversee e-mailings, and (5) keep track of all data and paperwork.
Paragraph 3. Treasurer
The Treasurer, along with the Faculty Advisor, shall oversee all receipts, expenditures, and bookkeeping for the SWA. The Treasurer shall also keep updated records on all membership dues. A Treasurer's report shall be at every meeting, according to the agenda.
Paragraph 4. Service and Social Activity Coordinator(s)
The Service Activity Coordinator(s) shall seek community service projects for SWA and report them to the members. The Service Activity Coordinator(s) will also serve as the liaison between the SWA and agencies and will be responsible for the organization of community projects.

Article VI- Meetings

The frequency, time, and place of meetings shall be agreed upon by the membership. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Orders.

Article VII- Agenda

Section I. Article of Business
A. Informal Welcomes
B. Call to Order
C. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
D. Treasurer's Report
E. Old Business
F. New Business
G. Dismissal

Section II. Quorum
A quorum is defined as a simple majority of the active members in attendance. In an emergency, the executive committee may vote in any business that cannot wait.

Section III. Tabling
A motion, or article of business may be tabled (put on the list of old business for the next meeting) by a majority vote of the members present.

Article VIII. Amendments to By-Laws

These laws may be replaced, amended, or otherwise altered at any regular meeting by a simple majority of the members present, according to the rules of articles of business.

Current Officers for SWA:

Co-Presidents: Holly Granger & Frances Filer

Secretary: Troy Johnson

Treasurer: Blair Lord

Service and Social Activity Coordinator(s): vacant