Field Placements


All students taking a practicum course are required to complete Situational Awareness Training.  The training must be completed, and the competency quiz taken and passed, BEFORE you start your practicum placement.  This training only needs to be taken one time.  If you have already taken the training, you do NOT have to take it again.

The entire training takes approximately 2 ½ hours.  The training has been broken into 4 modules, so you do not have to view the entire training in one sitting.  After completing the training you must take the competency quiz, and pass the quiz with a minimum grade of 70%. 

All students must complete the Safety in Practicum Student Checklist for each practicum placement.  This checklist is to be discussed with your agency field instructor, signed by the field instructor, and turned in to your practicum course professor.  The Checklist is here: Safety in Practicum Student Checklist (pdf)

Enroll in Social Work Field Education Training:

  • Go to and log in with your Link Blue ID.
  • Click on the Courses link near the top left of the page (to the right of My Bb and under the Library tab).
  • In the Course Search line, type Social Work Field Education Training (exactly as you see it here).
  • Find the Course ID (first column) SWFESAT-NC-201399, and click the down arrow next to the Course ID.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Enroll.
  • Click on My BB at the top middle of the page and the Social Work Field Education Training course should now be listed under My Courses.

Intern Placement Tracking (IPT)

The College of Social Work’s Field Education Program uses an internet-based placement system called Intern Placement Tracking, or IPT for short. This web-based software was developed to assist colleges with the complex issues associated with managing student interns in their field placements. It is also a valuable tool for students to begin researching prospective agencies for their practicum placements, and provides students with access to descriptive information about agencies and learning opportunities.

The Field Education Program uses IPT to:

  • Provide password-protected, web-based access to pertinent field placement information for students, practicum instructors, and field instructors.
  • Update and expand our field agency database, so current and future students have quick access to accurate agency information when researching field placements.
  • Provide the Director of Field Education and Faculty Practicum Instructors the ability to communicate directly to students and advise them regarding appropriate field placements.
  • Maintain accurate and timely information on individual student placements in the field.
  • Quickly access information for students when employers and/or graduate schools request information about a student’s internship experience. 
  • Meet accreditation requirements to maintain data, assess and report on Field Education. 

All students and faculty practicum instructors are provided registration information and support for their use of IPT.

  • Students can find complete instructions on how to get registered and how to use the IPT system to search for agencies here.
  • Field Faculty can find the instructions for IPT here (coming soon)

LOG IN to IPT here

Reminder: the organizational ID for UK’s IPT system is “uky”. You will need to input this every time you log in to the system.

If you forget your user name or password please click on the ‘ Forgot your username or password ’ link at the bottom of the login page –

You will be prompted to enter three things:

(1) Organization ID: uky

(2) User Type:  “Faculty/Administrator” if you are field faculty or “Student” if you are a student. 

(3) Your email address.

A reset password link will be emailed to you in 5 you 10 minutes. 

If after trying this you are still unable to log in, please contact Desha Scanlon at  

Safety in Practicum Student Checklist (pdf)97.73 KB
IPT Student Account Instructions (pdf)140.69 KB