Morehead State University

Dear Prospective Student,

StiversCongratulations on taking the first step in reaching your goal of obtaining the Master of Social Work degree. I am delighted that you are considering the University of Kentucky's MSW program at Morehead.

The University of Kentucky has been offering the MSW in Morehead since 1988. Morehead State University provides the classroom facilities for the program and the classes are held in the evening. The majority of students have full-time jobs and find that having part-time status is a convenient way to complete their graduate educations.

Dean James Adams and the faculty of the College of Social Work are dedicated to excellent education to students of the Commonwealth.

My role is to support and advise you in your decision to pursue the MSW degree. I will be happy to answer any questions about the MSW program that UK offers here at the MSU campus.

We are currently accepting applications for our part-time advanced standing program that will begin fall 2013.

Thanks for your interest about the MSW program and I wish you much success in your career!


Terry Stivers
Program Coordinator for MSU Campus
Clinical Faculty

For more information about the UK College of Social Work’s MSW program at MSU, please contact Terry Stivers at 606-783-2409 or

The Setting at Morehead State University

Morehead, Kentucky lies 65 miles east of Lexington and within an easy commute of many parts of West Virginia and southern Ohio. Well-maintained I-64 provides direct access to this community of about 23,000 residents located within the Daniel Boone National Forest. The 8,000 acre Cave Run Lake is nearby as well as a 7,000 yard PGA-designed golf course and other recreational facilities.

The campus of Morehead State University is approximately 500 acres and situated with the city limits. MSU serves 8,400 students and provides the classroom facilities for the University of Kentucky's MSW program.