Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

10_0The Ph.D. program in social work is designed to prepare educators and scholars to teach the next generation of social workers and to conduct publishable research aimed at improving the lives of the distressed, the mistreated, and forgotten. It is a part-time program that demands full-time dedication and motivation. Like the Marines, we don't seek hundreds of applicants, just a few good ones every year, which allows us to work closely with each doctoral student. Our faculty are affiliated with such prominent UK centers as:

They provide many opportunities for student research. See the recent listing of our students' publications and presentations here.

Although our program began in 1997, our Ph.D. graduates can be found across the country -- in California, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana, in addition to Kentucky.

Doctoral students' productivity report 1998-2011 (pdf)
Recent Dissertations: Graduates of UK’s College of Social Work 2006-2012 (pdf)