The College of Social Work is pleased to announce the Kentucky Guardianship Association, Inc. John Reginald “Reg” White scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded for the 2013-14 academic year. Scholarship materials must be received by the deadline August 31, 2013.

Kentucky Guardianship Association, Inc.
John Reginald “Reg” White Scholarship - $400

The John Reginald “Reg” White Scholarship is awarded to a currently enrolled undergraduate Social Work student. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • UK undergraduate student in social work
  • Junior or Senior year of studies and in good standing academically
  • Interest in working with adult populations
  • Willing and able to give a short talk to members of the Kentucky Guardianship Association at an annual conference or membership meeting

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please submit all of the following materials:

1. A cover letter stating your interest with your personal contact information, including email address.
2. A copy of your unofficial transcript.
3. A 2 to 5 page essay addressing the following topic:
     The importance of a Social Worker who specializes in helping older adults

  • What direction should they focus efforts in the next 1 to 2 years and later?
  • What will be greatest needs and how does social work in particular meet the needs of an aging population? 

The Kentucky Guardianship Association, Inc. will select the recipient of the John Reginald “Reg” White Scholarship. Please submit the scholarship materials by August 31 to the following address:

KGA, Inc.
PO Box 25173
Lexington, KY 40524-5173