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UK’s Social Work Association is a student-led organization that aims to build relationships within the College of Social Work while providing service to the Lexington community. We will be doing monthly service projects and always welcome new ideas. We would love to hear from you!


All those interested in Social Work and service are encouraged to join SWA. We welcome both undergraduate and graduate students as well as non-social work majors.

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Comments by Former SWA Members

"Activism is an important component of advocacy. Taking a stance on issues that are important to you is crucial in affecting social problems. One can learn about social work principles in a classroom setting, but to really apply them, action needs to follow. I found the Social Work Assocation (SWA) to be an excellent forum for discussing critical social issues and collaborating with other like-minded individuals in order to take meaningful action. As a graduate student, SWA helped to fill the gap for me between academics and advocacy. SWA allowed me to spearhead projects of interest as well as support the initiatives of others. Through SWA I learned that there is power in numbers and that a unified voice of students gets the attention of faculty and other officials at the university.

Some of my favorite projects throughout the year were as follows:

  • Great American Bake Sale raising money to end childhood hunger
  • Forum on emergency contraception with the 60 minutes segment on Plan B
  • Participating in the Against Child Abuse walk (and winning the award for the largest group donation to the Women’s Center!)

If you want to make a difference during your tenure at UK in the College of Social Work, join SWA! Have fun while making a difference in the UK and wider communities – I sure did!"

Fran Morris Mandel, MSW Graduate, 2005

"I really value the time I spent last year working with SWA. We sponsored projects such as the Medicare-D project, the Great American Bake Sale to Stop Childhood Hunger, a Reproductive Rights Forum: Social Work and Plan B, International Women's Day Film Festival on Human Trafficking, a ONE Campaign brown bag lunch, and participated in Race for the Cure and the Walk Against Child Abuse.  I felt that as an association we were able to get to know one another better, have a good time, and participate in events that we cared about.  SWA is a really unique opportunity to get to know other students and faculty while working for social justice at the same time!"

Liz Epperson, MSW Graduate, 2005

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