Theodore M. Godlaski
Associate Clinical Professor
M.Div., St Mary’s Theological, 1972
(859) 257-6650
  • Treatment Outcome
  • Professional Ethics
  • Relationship between intimate victimization and substance misuse
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Mr. Godlaski received his B.A. in literature from Borromeo College of Ohio (1968), his M.Div. from St Mary’s Theological (1972)

He came to the University of Kentucky after a career in substance misuse treatment program development and direction in both the public and the private sector. Just before coming to the University he was Clinical Director for Adult Treatment at Charter Ridge Hospital and responsible for both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. He first joined the faculty of the College of Medicine at the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research in 1993 where he developed a statewide system to measure treatment outcome, a reliable method for assessment of individual convicted of driving under the influence, participated in a NIDA RO1 grant to develop treatment for rural substance abusers, was project director for a CSAT funded study of substance abuse treatment outcome in three rural areas of Kentucky, and conducted several treatment evaluation projects. In 2002 he accepted an appointment to the faculty of the College of Social Work where he now teaches courses in Substance Misuse, Intimate Violence and Risk Management; Psychopathology; Human Behavior in the Social Environment; and Collaborative Practice with Substance Misuse and Mental Health Treatment Providers for Child Welfare Workers. He has continued to conduct program evaluation research in Appalachian Eastern Kentucky and in Alaska among Alaskan Natives.

His current research and publications focus on treatment outcome, professional ethics, and the relationship between intimate victimization and substance misuse. Mr. Godlaski’s most recent publications include Competence in chemical dependence counseling pages 459-479 and Reflections on ethical issues in research with aboriginal peoples pages 265-290 in J. Klienig & S. Einstein (eds.) Ethical Challenges for Intervening in Drug Use: Policy, Treatment and Research Issues. Huntsville, Texas: Office of International Criminal Justice, 2007 and Patient outcomes from rural substance abuse treatment. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, March 2007. He is past Chairperson and present member of the national ethics committee for the National Association Addiction Counselors, an area editor and member of the editorial board of the journal Substance Use and Misuse, and a frequent presenter to both Social Workers and Professional Counselors on a variety of topics. He has been a faculty member of the Summer School of Alcohol and Drug Studies at the University of Georgia as well as a regular faculty member of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Institutes on Substance Use in Jerusalem and Florence.