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Citizen Connections Newsletter Summer 2012 (pdf)

Winter edition of "Citizen Connections," the e-newsletter for the nation 's Citizen Review Panels for Child Protective Services (pdf)

16th Annual Maine Child Welfare Conference, "Hot Topics in Child Welfare." Flyer (pdf).

2010 National Citizen Review Panel Conference: Ninth Annual National Citizen Review Panel Conference Agenda and Registration (pdf)

Fall 2009 National Citizen Reveiw Panel Newsletter (pdf) News and blog site relating to social justice, child abuse and other topics.

National Citizen Review Panel Directory

Citizen Participation (pdf)

Overview of CAPTA Citizen Review Panels: Presentation is in Adobe Flash format. Please visit Adobe to download the Flash plugin.

Results from National Survey of Citizen Review MEMBERS

Results from Citizen Review Panel PROGRAM COORDINATORS

Become a U.S. Child Advocate


Child and Family Services Reviews: A Great Opportunity for Citizen Review Panels (pdf)

How to Recruit and Maintain a Diverse Citizen Review Panel (pdf)

Papers and Articles on CRPs

CRP Legislative Advocacy Packet (pdf)

Outagamie County CRP (pdf)

CAPTA Citizen Review Panels

CRP Alaska Brochure (pdf)

What is a citizen review panel? (pdf)

Citizen Review Panels for Child Protective Services: A National Profile (pdf)

Citizen Review Panels and Training (pdf)

Update on Laws and Policies Affecting Children and Families September 2008 (pdf)

Tips for Using Citizens Review Panels to Improve Child Protective Services

An updated version of the Citizens Review Panels Guidelines and Protocols

The Value and Role of Citizen Review Panels in Child Welfare: Perceptions of Citizen Review Panel Members and Child Protection Workers

CRP Effectiveness

Children and Youth Services Review

Sample Review Instruments

Citizen Review Panel Data Form

Panel Logistics

Application Tool Kit (pdf)

Recruiting and Screening (pdf)

Interview Tool Kit (pdf)

Confidentiality Tool Kit (pdf)

Kentucky's Orientation Powerpoint for new members

Child Protection Services Survey

Citizen Review Panel Exit Interview

Citizen Review Panel Questionnaire

Procedures Tool Kit (pdf)

Publicity Tool Kit (pdf)

Meeting Took Kit (pdf)

Orientation Tool Kit (pdf)

Planning Tool Kit (pdf)

Report Writing Tool Kit (pdf)


(Videos are in Realplayer format. Please download the latest version of Realplayer here.)

Training/Publicity Video for North Carolina's Community Child Protection Teams
North Carolina Division of Social Services, Family Support - Child Welfare Section
contact: Phyllis Fulton

Other Instruments

Citizen Review Panel Survey Letter

Citizen Review Panel Survey

Citizen Review Panel Process of Review

Citizen Review Panel Process of Review and Action Steps

Citizen Review Panel Pertinent Questions for CRP Members

Some Ways in Which the Minnesota Citizen Review Panels Have Assisted the Child Protection Systems

Request for Redetermination Processes

Sample Confidentiality Statement

Citizen Review Panel Member Agreement

Minnesota's Statute Regarding Citizen Review Panels

Mandated Reporter Survey

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