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State:                    Alabama
Contact Person:   
Hope Skelton, Program Supervisor
Contact Address:
SDHR/Office of Quality Assurance, 50 Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130
Contact Phone:   
 (334) 242-9506

Founded In March, 1994

Funding State receives CAPTA funds.

Description Each of the state's 67 counties has a (volunteer) county QA committee. There is also a state QA committee.

Activities Each of the county QA committees conduct qualitative case reviews of children in foster care and CPS cases and report findings and recommendations back to the Department. To varying degrees, county QA committees have also been involved in conducting special studies, conducting satisfaction surveys and interviewing community stakeholders. One function of the state QA committee is to facilitate the networking amongst the county QA committee's. The state QA committee also has review and advisory responsibilities.

Alabama SQAC Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

2012 SQAC Annual Report Final (pdf)

2011 SQAC Annual Report (pdf)

State Quality Assurance Committee Annual Report 2010 (pdf)

State Quality Assurance Committee Annual Report 2009 (pdf)

State Quality Assurance Committee Annual Report 2008 (pdf)

2006 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report



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