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State:                    Florida
Contact Person:
   Erin D. Hough, Prevention Specialist
Contact Address:
Office of Child Welfare, Florida Department of Children and Families, 1317 Winewood Blvd., Bldg. 1 Room 306E, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0700
Contact Phone:     850-717-4658
Founded In:

Brief Description: Florida's designated Citizen Review Panels are listed below. Each panel submits an annual re-view report with recommendations for improved service delivery, outcomes, and system of care modifications. Each Panel has a Chairperson who is responsible for assisting the Panel members in following through with their annual goals.

Sample of Current Work Projects/Focus:

Websites: , ,

Other Information: The Florida Department of Children and Families is the designated lead agency for the Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) federal grant. The Office of Child Welfare functions as a central program office serving the entire state of Florida. The functions of the Office of Child Welfare include oversight, technical assistance, policy and statute clarification, data collection and analysis and the allocation of funds.

The Florida Interagency Coordinating Council for Infants and Toddlers (FICCIT) is authorized and required by Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as amended by Public Law 105-17. . The Department of Health is the lead agency for this council, as well, but this represents one of the more critical partnerships for young children for the Department of Children and Families.

CAPTA Faith Based Advisory Council Response Letter (pdf)

FBCBAC 2013 Annual Report (pdf)

CAPTA CRP Death Review Report Response (pdf)

ILSAC Report (pdf)

CAPTA ILSAC Response (pdf)

CAPTA CRP FICCIT Response (pdf)


14th Annual CADR Report (pdf)

2013 CADR response (pdf)

2012 CADR Report (pdf)

2012 CAPTA Citizens Review Response Letter (pdf)

FICCIT 2011-2012 Annual Report (pdf)

ILSAC 2011 Report Response (pdf)

ILSAC 2011 Final Report (pdf)

Gabriel Meyers Task Force Report 2010 (pdf)

2010 Independent Living State Advisory Cancel (pdf)

2010 Child Abuse Death Review Report (pdf)

Gabriel Myers Work Group Report 2009 (pdf)

2009 Report of Independent Living Services for Florida’s Foster Youth (pdf)

2009 CADR Report (pdf)

Task Force on Fostering Success- Gabriel Meyers Workgroup Report

2009 Independent Living Services for Florida's Foster Youth Report (pdf)

2009 Child Death Review Team (pdf)

Florida Child Abuse Death Review Committee: 2008 Annual Report (pdf)

2008 Task Force on Child Protection Report (pdf)

2008 Report of Independent Living Services for Florida’s Foster Youth (pdf)

2007 Annual Report (pdf)

2006 FCR Annual Report (pdf)

2005 Annual Report (pdf)

2004 Annual Report - Capta (pdf)

2003 CAPTA State Plan

2003 FCR Annual report

2003 Florida’s Task Force On Children’s Justice Report

2002 Annual report

2002 Miami Annual report

Florida's 2004 CAPTA Plan

Child Death Review Team 2003 Report

State's Response to Child Death Review Team Recommendations

Children's Justice Act Task Force 2003 Report

State's Response to Children's Justice Act Task Force Recommendations

State's Response to Foster Care Review, Inc. Recommendations

Florida's Advocacy Council 2003 Report Ordering Info

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