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State:                    New Hampshire
Contact Person:
  Michael Donati
Contact Address:
Bureau of Well-Being, State of New Hampshire, Division for Children, Youth and Families, Thayer Building, 129 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301
Contact Phone:     (603) 271-8159
Founded In:
             Any direct services involving payment are funded through CAPTA

9 members appointed through Board recommendation, and consensus with the director of DCYF. Michael Adamkowski is the current Chairperson of the NH CRP.

Through this past year, the NH CRP has had bi-monthly meetings. During 2010, the focus of the Panel was educational stability for children in foster care. A statewide survey was sent out to DCYF foster parents and child placing agency foster parents in order to assess the effectiveness of DCYF in handling educational stability for children in out-of-home care and determine areas where improvements can be made. Currently, the Panel is reviewing the results and determining an appropriate plan of action in concert with DCYF Administration. Over the coming year, the NH CRP is exploring quality assurance and service array as their focal points.

Structurally, the NH CRP is undergoing some significant changes. The CRP has explored and agreed to meet together with the statutorily mandated NH DCYF Advisory Board. The purpose behind this shift is to fuse together like-minded individuals who want to best advocate for and improve DCYF practice on a statewide level. Both committees have similar interests and the merging of these committees would only serve to strengthen their ability to advocate for positive change. NH DCYF fully supports this endeavor.

Citizens Review Panel Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

2012 CRP Annual Report (pdf)

2011 Annual Report (pdf)

2010 Annual Report (pdf)

2009 CRP final report with DCYF response (pdf)

2008 CRP final report and DCYF responses (pdf)

2006 Annual Report (pdf)

2003 Annual Report (pdf)

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