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State:                    New Jersey
Contact Person:
   Ifeanyi Pole, Acting Executive Coordinator
Contact Address:
New Jersey Department of Children and Families, PO Box 729, Trenton, NJ  08625
Contact Phone:
Founded In:

2011 Child Fatality & Near Fatality Review Board Report (pdf)

2011 DCF Response to SORS (pdf)

NJTFCAN Annual Report 2010-2011 (pdf)

SORS Annual Report 2010-2011 (pdf)

Survey Report with charts and edits (pdf)

NJ Youth Aging Out of Foster Care Report. Trouble Finding Help, Survey Says (pdf)

Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board 2009 Annual Report (pdf)

2009 Annual Report (pdf)

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

2008 Annual Report Final (pdf)

2007 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

2005-06 Annual Report

2005-06 Annual Report Cover Letter

Executive Summary

Questions for CRP visit to SCR

CRP Recommendation Tracking Chart

Survey Conducted at NJEA on Child Abuse and Neglect

Survey Conducted at NJEA Conference of Child Abuse and Neglect

CRP Survey

CRP Cover Letter

CRP Survey Final Draft 2004

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