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State:                    New York
Contact Person:
  Shawntell E. Mills-Sanchez, Project Associate,
Contact Address:
Welfare Research Inc. 14 Columbia Circle, Suite 104, Albany NY 12203
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Founded In:         30-Sep-99
             State CAPTA funds under a contract with the Office of Children and Family Services for coordination of the State's three CRPs.

Three State Wide CRPs. Panel members are appointed by the govenor and each house of the State legislature and serve for an undetermined term.

Focus has been on looking at the various State and local systems, programs, and service linkage. The State Office of Chldren and Family Services has been working closely with the Panels and has been responsive to requests from the panels.

OCFS Response to 2013 CRP Report (pdf)

CRP Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

Executive Summary CRP Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

Response to 2012 CRP Report Final (pdf)

Citizen Review Panels 2012 Annual Report (pdf)

Response to CRP 2011 Annual Report (pdf )

2011 NYS Citizen Review Panels Annual Report and Recommendations (pdf)

OCFS Response to CRP 2010 Annual Report (pdf)

CRP 2010 Final Report (pdf)

Ten for 2010 Report (pdf)

OCFS Response to 2009 Panel Report and Recommendations (pdf)

2009 CRP Annual Report (pdf)

NYS OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES’, Responmse to the 2008 Report and Recommendations of NYS Citizen Review Panels for Child Protective Services

2008 Annual Report and Recommendations (pdf)

New Yorck City Specific Recommendatons (pdf)

2007 Annual Report

OCFS Response

OCFS Response Letter

Citizen Review Panel Chair Letter

Panel Recommendations

Children and Families Service Continuum

Commissioner Johnson Roundtable Discussion

2005 Annual Report

2004 Annual report

2003 Annual report

2002 Annual report

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