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State:                    Oregon
Contact Person:   
Lisa Romano, J.D., LL.M., Oregon CRP Coordinator & CRB Field Manager, Lane County
Contact Address:
Oregon Judicial Department, Serbu Juvenile Justice Center, 2727 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.,
                              J206, Eugene, OR 97401
Contact Phone:
Founded In:
             CAPTA funds. Contract with Department of Human Services

Brief Description: The Oregon Judicial Department has 67 Citizen Review Boards (CRBs) across the state. As of September 2012, the Department of Human Services entered into an agreement with the CRB to transfer the responsibility for ensuring compliance with CAPTA grant requirements that the State maintain a minimum of three citizen review panels (CRPs) to the CRB. The CRB established three county-wide CRPs in Douglas, Lane, and Multnomah counties. The volunteer board members from CRBs in the three counties, along with judges, agency staff, former foster youth, lawyers, CASAs, foster parents, and other stakeholders in each community, come together as the CRPs. A statewide CRP Coordinator, who also works as a CRB Field Manager, works with the local CRB staff and volunteer board members in each of the three panel counties to support and coordinate the CRP specific activities (i.e. quarterly CRP meetings, local meetings with stakeholder groups, data gathering and analysis, public forum coordination, and report drafting).

Sample of Current Work Projects/Focus:

In 2014, on a statewide basis, the CRB reviewed the case plans of 3,398 children who were in substitute care to ensure that their placements and services were appropriate and timely. In this same time period, for the CRP counties, Douglas reviewed 131 cases , Lane 737, and Multnomah 77. Thousands of interested parties attended and participated in CRB case reviews in the three CRP counties.
CRB staff recruited and trained new volunteer board members to participate in CRB reviews and CRP activities to ensure that our panels broadly represent the community and that expertise in prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect is represented.
The CRPs met in July, 2014 to select the systemic issues they would explore during the year. The Douglas panel focused on children with a permanency goal of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement, Lane on older youth in foster care, particularly those who run away and are exposed to or at risk of commercial sexual exploitation, and Multnomah on relative placements.
The CRPs reviewed policies, conducted surveys, focus groups, and point-in-time case reviews, hosted stakeholder meetings and community forums, and developed recommendations. The CRPs provided an opportunity for public outreach and comment on the CRP recommendations.

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Funding: CAPTA funds - Contract between the Department of Human Services and the Oregon Judicial Department, Citizen Review Board.        

Budget Amount and Source: The Department of Human Services provides the CRB with $36,000/year from the CAPTA grant funds to support CRB activities related to the CAPTA grant CRP requirements.

2014 Annual Report (pdf)

2013 Annual Report (pdf)

2012 Annual CRB Report FINAL (pdf)

2006 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report

2003 Annual report

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