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State:                     Utah
Contact Person:
   Carol Miller, Program Support Specialist
Contact Address:
1950 W. 195 N., Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Contact Phone:
    (801) 538-4100

Brief Description: There are six Citizen Quality Improvement Committees across the state of Utah. They review data and other information about the child welfare system. Their goal is to study issues of concern to such a degree that they can provide recommendations for improvement. These committees also serve as advocates for the needs of the system, including the need for recognition and improved employee morale. The citizens bring an outside perspective to a very complicated and large system.
The reporting of the activities of these committees are posted on the website.

Sample of Current Work Projects/Focus:

(under Government = State; Entity = Department of Human Services; Body(s) = Child Welfare Improvement Council, Eastern Region QIC, Northern Region QIC, Salt Lake Valley Region QIC, Southwest Region QIC, and Western Region QIC.

Budget Amount and Source: $18,000 from CAPTA funding

QIC 2014Annual Report final (pdf)

QIC 2011Annual Report Final (pdf)

2009 Utah Quality Improvement Committees Final (pdf)

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

2007 Annual Report (pdf)

2004 Annual Report (pdf)

2003 Annual report


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