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National Quality Improvement Center on the Privatization of Child Welfare Services Request for Applications October-November 2006

Questions and Answers

November 13, 2006

Q1:  Can the external evaluator be on staff with a private provider who is involved in the project?

While it would be preferable to use an external evaluator for this effort, if an applicant (public or private agency) can make the case that they have on staff a qualified evaluator who has demonstrated expertise in program and policy evaluation similar in size, scope and complexity to this effort and has conducted both process and outcome evaluation methodologies, then they will be considered eligible for this project.

Q2:  Can you clearly define how many project meetings the project director and independent evaluator are required to attend, where they will be held and how many nights lodging would be required for each.
There will be two project meetings per year that two people will need to attend and will require two nights lodging. These meetings will be held in Washington, D.C.

Q3: This is a follow-up question to the Q&A dated Wednesday, October 18 2006. Our organization is working cooperatively with the Florida Department of Children and Families to develop a response to this RFA. In so doing, we need further clarification about the lead applicant.  The public agency has determined that it is in their best interests to subcontract with our organization for child welfare services within a specific Florida district.  Given that this has occurred, is it appropriate to assume that our organization is the lead applicant for this project? 
While Florida Department of Children and Families contracts with lead agencies to provide child welfare services, they are still responsible for the delivery of these services.  The Children's Bureau has been very clear that the lead applicant must be the public agency.  This does not mean that the public agency cannot subcontract with the lead agency/private provider to "take the lead" but the public agency must be involved. This QIC focuses on the partnership between the public and private agency in the delivery of child welfare services. Partnerships may look very different from state to state but from the federal perspective, the public agency is ultimately responsible for child welfare.

Q4: Can there be attachments to the 15 page proposal?  Examples we were thinking might be attachments in addition to the 15 page limit:
Brief bios of key grant personnel
Letters of support/agreements to participate

Table of research questions similar to the one in the appendix of the RFA
Logic Model

Per the Request for Applications, "in addition to the narrative, the application will also require an executive summary (1 page), a detailed budget with justification, a logic model representation of the proposed project, project timeline, and vitae for key members of the leadership team. Applicants should attach letters of commitment from each partner." All of these should be attachments outside of the (maximum) 15-page Project Narrative.

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