The University of Kentucky provides several kinds of information services over the campus network and the Internet. World Wide Web browsers are the primary means of delivering these services. For more about our web services see our Web Providers pages.

Monthly activity for the some servers operated by IT is shown on the charts below. The counts are of transactions, such as a reference to a web page or a search. We have monthly reports with additional information on some services.


The World Wide Web is a service that provides access to text, graphic, audio, and video information. Web services are provided by,, and additional servers for specialized data. Web services have been available since 1993. They run on various Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix servers. Web statistics are available only to 2007, with detailed reports for 1995 to 2007.


We provide full-text searching of most of the servers in the domain with a dedicated Google Search Appliance. Our earliest search service, in 1996, used WAIS and was limited to In 1997 we replaced that with HT:Dig, also running on, but experimenting with extending indexing to other servers in the domain. In August 2000 a dedicated server running Ultraseek went into production and was used until July 2003. Versions of the Google Search Appliance have been used since that time. It is currently indexing about 500,000 pages on several hundred servers in the domain and few others.


Campus directory services are provided by and include students, faculty, and staff. Access is available via the Web, Ph-capable e-mail client software, and specialized Ph clients. See the Campus Directory page for more information.


Gopher was a text-oriented menu service that was superseded by the Web. It ran on VM/CMS and was in operation from 1992 to mid 2007.


View was a text-only, terminal-oriented service was superseded by Gopher and the Web. It ran on VM/CMS and was in operation from 1988 to 2000.