What is Assessment?

Assessment is any effort to gather, analyze and interpret evidence which describes institutional, divisional, or agency effectiveness. (Schuh & Upcraft, 2001, pp. 3-4)

Why Engage in Assessment?

The purpose of assessment is to support and enhance student learning. In Student Affairs, assessment includes learning and other outcomes such as customer satisfaction; meeting the needs of the students, faculty and staff; evaluating programs, services and facilities; and complying with professional standards.


In order to enhance the academic mission, the Division of Student Affairs collaborates with the University and beyond to create a supportive and challenging environment that provides opportunities for student learning, engagement, and success. Through the provision of high quality programs, services, and facilities, the Divison promotes student development and lifelong discovery; celebrates differences; and promotes global citizenship.


The Division of Student Affairs will be a national leader in creating a vibrant and diverse campus community in which all students are engaged, valued, challenged, and provided a platform to achieve their full potential.