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Groups and Workshops

Group therapy

Therapy Groups

General Therapy Groups are designed to help you learn about yourself and how you interact with others. Group members often have a variety of initial concerns, but share a desire to feel better about themselves and their relationships with others. It can be a powerful experience to realize others struggle with the same things as you do. General therapy groups meet for 1.5 hours each week for the duration of the semester. During the time that you attend a general therapy group, you will not likely participate in individual counseling. To participate in a therapy group, students must first make an initial appointment at UKCC and be referred by a counselor to a group screening. At this brief screening, group leaders explain the expectations and benefits of the therapy groups and ensure that group is the best fit for the client’s needs. Current clients of the Center do not need to make another appointment but can discuss with their individual counselor the appropriateness of group therapy for them and work with that person to set up a screening. Groups are held in 201 Frazee Hall.

This video link, developed at Wright State University’s Counseling and Wellness Services and used on our website with their permission, provides some general information about group participation that may be helpful as you consider this therapy option.

**We have recently changed our attendance policy in order to best utilize our clinical appointment slots and meet student demand for services. If a student does not attend an individual or group appointment (including an initial intake or group screening) and failed to cancel it by 4 pm of the prior business day, it will be counted as a no-show. When a person reaches 3 no-shows, he or she will be no longer eligible for ongoing individual or group services at the Counseling Center and may be offered other alternatives such as drop-in workshops and community referrals.

Therapy Group Schedule Summer 2014

Monday 1-2:30 pm

Wednesday 3-4:30 pm

Friday 1:30-3:00 pm

Support and Topical Groups

Support groups usually center around a common experience and are designed to help you get support and encouragement from other students who are dealing with a similar issue. Similarly, topical groups address a common area of concern, often with an educational component. These groups meet weekly or every other week. Students are welcome to participate in support and topical groups with or without involvement in individual counseling. To participate in one of these groups, students must first make an initial appointment at UKCC or already be an existing client of the Center. Clients are then referred directly to the group or to a brief group screening with the group leader(s) who will explain the expectations and benefits of the group.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The CBT group has 4 sessions, and is a structured, interactive, psycho-educational group that meets once per week. The focus is on changing behaviors and thoughts to combat anxiety and/ or depression.

Call the Counseling Center at (859) 257-8701 to sign up for the group. Sessions are held in 201 Frazee Hall.

Cognitive Behavior Group Schedule

Starting in Fall 2014

Coping Skills Group

The Coping Skills group is an interactive psycho-educational group that focuses on physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional strategies for dealing with stressors.

Coping Skills Group Schedule

Starting in Fall 2014

Graduate Student Support Group

The Graduate Student Support Group is a place where graduate students can seek support around any number of issues that are interfering with or an outgrowth of their graduate study. Common discussions include the stress of graduate school; lack of progress or productivity; procrastination; deciding whether or not to stay in a program; problems with advisors or committees; and financial strain, often due to funding issues. Some concerns, such as family or health issues, arise that are not specific to graduate school but impact performance and progress. Many students seek out the group prior to major milestone events such as qualifying exams, dissertation or thesis defenses, and searching for jobs for post graduation employment. The group is fairly unstructured and the topics can vary from meeting to meeting depending on the needs of the students present. Call the Counseling Center at (859) 257-8701 to sign up for the group. Sessions are held in 201 Frazee Hall.

Graduate Student Support Group Schedule

Wednesday 4-5 pm Bi-weekly
Friday 12-1 p.m. Bi-weekly

Meditation Group

The Fully Present and Aware Meditation Group is a time to come together and engage in formal mindfulness meditation. Participants seek to be more aware in the current moment as opposed to dwelling on thoughts of the past or future. There is an emphasis on letting the experience be what it is, not getting caught up in expectations, and not judging the thoughts that enter the space of awareness but simply redirecting one's attention to the object(s) of the meditation, which will shift from group to group. Different kinds of meditation are practiced. There are some guided meditations and some silent meditations that are self-guided. All students are welcome to participate in the group.

Meditation Group Summer Schedule

Tuesdays 3-4 pm

Mindfulness Support Group

This group meets for eight sessions, once a week for an hour and a half. The group includes instruction in mindfulness practices (e.g., sitting meditation and self-observation of thoughts). Discussions explore applications of mindfulness in common problems such as stress, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and emotional reactivity. In general, there is an emphasis on becoming more aware, developing focus, living in the moment, and being non-judgmental. The ultimate goal is to embrace the present, be more compassionate, and experience a sense of inner peace and calm in your daily life. The group is particularly good for those who often find themselves distracted by multiple activities, are obsessive/ruminative, experience anxiety about the future, or feel stuck in the past. Expectations include developing a daily mindful meditation practice and engaging in weekly assignments to integrate concepts into daily life. A screening is required for this group. Please ask your counselor about signing up for it. The group will be capped at a maximum of ten participants. Sessions held in 201 Frazee Hall.

Mindfulness Support Group Schedule

Starting in Fall 2014

Social Confidence Group

This group is a three-part series and is being offered once this semester. The group is educational in nature and goes over specific skills such as reading social cues, overcoming initial anxiety, and getting to know others on a meaningful level. It is particularly geared for those individuals who feel socially awkward, find it difficult to initiate conversation, and have trouble meeting friends or dating partners. Students must first have an initial appointment at the Counseling Center to be referred to the Social Confidence Group. Please call the Counseling Center at (859) 257-8701 for more information or to sign up for an appointment. Sessions held in 201 Frazee Hall.

Social Confidence Group

Starting in Fall 2014

Women of Color Support Group

The Women of Color (WOC) Support Group is a safe and supportive place for minority women to meet, talk, and find hope. If you'd like a place to meet other women of color, the group is a place for you to get and give support. Common discussion topics include loneliness, racism, relationship struggles, sexism, family difficulties, academic issues, sadness, anxiety, health problems, low self-esteem, or other concerns. Group sessions are free and confidential and open to UK students taking at least 6 credits. Please call the Counseling Center to be added to the contact list.

Women of Color Support Group

Starting in Fall 2014

Reflections: Meaning, Purpose, Direction

This group offers a safe place to engage with others who are exploring a spiritual path. You may be deepening your religious life, questioning, or searching. You may be disillusioned, confused, or losing your faith. Discussing your experience and engaging in thoughtful activities in a spiritually neutral, supportive place can help to take the loneliness out of this solitary pursuit. The co-leaders are spiritually neutral in that we respect all faith traditions and the challenging transitions that come at times in our lives. Challenging transitions often occur in the college years, and we are neutral in that we see this as a normal, healthy process. We recognize religious, spiritual, existential questions and experiences as central to identity development. We encourage those of all faith traditions, including agnostic and atheist, to join the group. The group is capped at 10 members. We require a brief initial meeting with the co-leaders. Please ask your counselor about signing up or call 257-8701 to schedule an appointment.

Reflections Group Schedule

Starting in Fall 2014

Drop-in Workshops

There are a number of structured, educationally focused workshops and groups that are currently being offered by the UK Counseling Center. Some have been regularly offered in the past and some are new. All of these groups and workshops are free for fee-paying University of Kentucky students who are enrolled for at least 6 credit hours. You do not need an appointment to attend one of these workshops.

Healthy Dating

Building skills for a healthy romantic relationship. Participate in activities and discussions exploring what healthy relationships are all about. The group meets in 206 Student Center. Attend any or all in this series.

Starting in Fall 2014

International Coffee Hour

As an international student, it may be exciting to leave your home country to come study in the United States. However, you may also face the challenge of addressing academic and personal concerns as you are exposed to a new culture. You may have some of the same academic and personal concerns as other UK students; however, you may also experience a number of unique challenges that can complicate the process of adjusting to university life and achieving academic goals. International Coffee Hour provides a place for international students to meet other international students who have similar concerns. This space provides an opportunity to learn from one another about adjusting to a new culture and educational system, dealing with different customs, and practice speaking English.

International Coffee Hour Summer Schedule:

Fridays 12:00-1:30 pm at the VIP Center (Frazee Hall, Lower Level)
Monthly: 5/30, 6/27, 7/25, 8/8

Major/Career Decision-Making Workshop

UK's Counseling Center offers Career Decision-Making Workshops to assist students with the college major/career decision making process. The workshop format is 45 minutes of interactive activity that guides students through the steps involved in making important life decisions. No appointment is necessary to attend the workshops.

Starting in Fall 2014

Test Anxiety Workshop

This workshop is for students who prepare well for class exams but consistently receive low test scores. Low test scores may be due to many factors such as test anxiety or concentration/focus problems. The workshop facilitator will help students define the problem and develop useful solutions. The workshop will take 45 minutes and the content is the same for all sessions. No appointment is necessary to attend the workshops.

Starting in Fall 2014

Yoga For Relaxation

UK's Counseling Center and Campus Recreation is offering yoga classes for students who are hoping to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and relax by practicing yoga. No appointment is necessary to attend the classes.

Yoga For Relaxation Schedule

Starting in Fall 2014




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