Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

Central Office

The main office of the Dean of Students is located in 513 Patterson Office Tower.

If you have questions or comments‚ please feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office at (859) 257–3754



Situations sometimes arise which necessitate a family member contacting a student during a class. In such situations‚ family members should contact the Dean of Students Office at (859) 257–3754.

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Notary Services

The Dean of Students Office provides Notary Public services to students‚ faculty and staff at no charge. Persons interested in having documents notarized should bring the documents along with two forms of identification (one must have a photo and both must be signed) to 513 Patterson Office Tower.

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on campus

Sales/Solicitation on Campus

As permitted by University of Kentucky Administrative Regulations 9:2 ‚ Section C. Fund Raising on the Campus by Registered Student Organizations (pdf)‚ registered student organizations are eligible to solicit funds and/or sell items on campus. Individual students‚ members of faculty or staff‚ and the general public are not permitted to sell merchandise or solicit on University property. The Dean of Students Office has delegated the responsibility for approval of Sales and Solicitations on Campus to the Director of the Student Center.

Registered student organizations that wish to sell items or solicit funds on campus must complete a request form (pdf) and return it to the Director of the Student Center's Office for approval prior to holding the activity.

For the text of the regulation regarding sales and solicitation on campus, see University of Kentucky Governing Regulations‚ Part I ‚ Section N. Campus Sales (pdf).

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dean of students office . university of kentucky . 513 patterson office tower . lexington‚ ky . 40506–0027 . (859) 257–3754 . fax (859) 323–1525

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