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The Study

The Academic Enhancement Program‚ referred to as “The Study‚” is located on the 306B  Complex Commons. The Study Too is now open in the Ralph Anderson Engineering Building. The mission of this program is to help students reach their academic goals. The Study includes academic study groups‚ tutoring‚ and learning skills workshops. Programs are purposefully designed to foster interactions that promote learning strategies and attitudes towards academic life that are characteristic of successful college students. For more information‚ please call (859) 257–1356‚ or visit their web site: http://www.uky.edu/UGS/study.


The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free individual or group consultations for students‚ faculty‚ and staff. The Writing Center provides help for many kinds of writing: class assignments‚ creative writing‚ dissertations‚ scholarly monographs‚ grant applications‚ reports‚ articles‚ scholarship applications‚ and more. While the Writing Center does not provide editing services‚ it does offer instruction in grammar and style and will provide a list of freelance editors for clients producing work that is not earning grades and/or course credit. They are located in the Thomas D. Clark Study on the 5th floor of the Young Library. For more information‚ please call (859) 257–1356‚ or visit their website: www.uky.edu/AS/English/wc/


Mathskeller (Math Resource Center)

The Math Resource Center (Mathskeller) is specifically designed for students studying mathematics courses at the University of Kentucky. Tutors are free and available for students in 100–level math courses. Their tutors have excellent knowledge of math‚ as they are Math Graduate students‚ instructors‚ and Math Majors at University of Kentucky. No appointment for tutoring is necessary. The center is located in CB 63‚ which is close to the loading dock in the basement of White Hall Classroom building. Please call (859) 257–6108 or visit their website for more information: www.Mathskeller.com


Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center at UK is active in creating a healthy campus climate where students can grow and learn. Outreach is key to their mission‚ which is largely geared toward the academic‚ social‚ and personal success of students. Along with the work that they do with students in a one–on–one setting‚ their staff of psychologists and counselors provide informative and interactive workshops that are preventative in nature and target groups of individuals. They are located on the second and third floors of Frazee Hall‚ on Administration Drive next to the Student Center. For more information‚ please call (859) 257–8701 or visit their website: www.uky.edu/StudentAffairs/Counseling/

student behavioralhealth clinic

Student Behavioral Health Clinic

The Student Behavioral Health Clinic is part of University Health Service located at 803 South Limestone. The clinic's staff recognizes that emotional and psychological health are important factors in a student’s ability to perform well academically and adjust socially. Students face many stressors‚ from learning to live with roommates to choosing a career path. At times‚ changes and adjustments can lead to emotional difficulties which can affect a student’s ability to function at his or her best. The Clinic can help with a variety of issues and concerns that students may face as they try to navigate through college life. All students who are eligible for services at the University Health Service are eligible for services at the Clinic. There is no charge for full–time students and part–time students who pre–pay the student health fee. Part–time students without the health fee may be seen on a fee–for–service basis. Services are confidential. For further information‚ please call (859) 323–5511 or visit their website: www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu/open.aspx?id=4035.

communityof concern

Community of Concern

The Community of Concern team seeks to proactively enhance the well-being and safety of the University's students and employees by: 1) Providing a centralized point of contact for persons who develop a concern about the welfare of an individual; 2) Taking appropriate action, by referring individuals to the resources that can provide the support/assistance needed; and 3) Providing training and education to the University community. For further information‚ please call (859) 257–3754 or visit their website: www.uky.edu/coc.


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