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Chronic Health Disorders – Proof of disability


Students requesting accommodations for a permanent or temporary disability or chronic health condition must provide proof that the disability/health condition exists before academic accommodations will be provided. The diagnosis of a disability or medical condition must be current (not more than a year old) and provide justification for the accommodation(s) the student is requesting. All documentation must be provided by a qualified professional such as a physician or a vocational rehabilitation professional. The credentials of the evaluator‚ including certification‚ licensure‚ and professional training‚ must be clearly stated in the documentation and must be written on the professional’s letterhead stationery (prescription pad notes are not acceptable forms of documentation).

Disability documentation usually takes the form of a medical assessment. It must be a comprehensive assessment including:

  • Descriptions of the diagnostic criteria and diagnostic test(s) used to establish the existence of a disability or medical condition;
  • Functional impact of the disability on specific major life activities (e.g.‚ learning‚ walking‚ talking‚ concentrating‚ seeing);
  • Treatments‚ accommodations‚ assistive devices‚ and support services currently employed to ameliorate the disability or minimize its impact;
  • Recommendations and the rationale for proposed accommodations‚ assistive devices‚ and support services;

Documentation of a disability is not provided by:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • 504 Plans
  • Transition Plans

These documents‚ however‚ are useful for documenting a history of accommodation and effective interventions for an individual with a disability.

Once a student’s disability documentation is received‚ qualified University personnel will evaluate the documentation to determine its validity. If a student does not have current documentation and cannot locate the professionals who originally performed the initial diagnosis‚ the Disability Resource Center will provide referral information.


disability resource center . university of kentucky . multidisciplinary science building . suite 407 . lexington‚ ky . 40536–0082 . V/TDD (859) 257–2754 . fax (859) 257–1980

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