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Student Disability Parking

UK students with permanent or temporary physical impairments that substantially limits or impairs their ability to walk may qualify for disability parking. Disability parking is available in key central campus areas and near campus residence facilities. A campus disability parking permit is required for parking in campus disability spaces. Students may have a state issued disability license plate or state issued parking pass but these are not valid for disability parking on campus. Students must obtain a campus disability parking permit.

How to apply for a disability parking permit:

  • Go to parking and transportation website download a parking permit application. pdf
  • Complete Section I of the application.
  • Submit the application to your physician to complete Section II of the application.
  • Mail or fax the completed Disability Parking Application to:

    University of Kentucky
    Parking & Transportation Services
    721 Press Avenue‚
    Lexington‚ KY 40506-–0571
    FAX: (859) 323–1212

All disability parking applications are subject to approval. If immediate disability parking is required the applicant may receive a temporary parking permit. All applications for disability parking are reviewed to determine if the applicant qualifies for campus disability parking. The university adheres strictly to the Kentucky Revised Statutes disability parking regulations [186.042 (1992)] and individuals requesting disability parking must qualify under one or more of the following categories:

  • Cannot walk two hundred (200) feet without stopping to rest;
  • Cannot walk without the use of‚ or assistance from‚ a brace‚ cane‚ crutch‚ another person‚ prosthetic device‚ wheelchair‚ or other assisting device;
  • Are restricted by lung disease to the extend the the person’s forced respiratory and expiratory volume for one (1) second‚ when measured by spirometry‚ is less than one (1) liter‚ or the arterial oxygen tension is less than six (6) mm/hg on room air rest;
  • Use portable oxygen;
  • Have a cardiac condition to the extent that the person’s functional limitations are classified in severity as Class III or Class IV according to standards set by the American Heart Association; or
  • Are severely limited by an arthritic‚ neurological or orthopedic condition.

Individuals who do not meet the requirements for disability parking but have an impairment which somewhat limits their mobility may be eligible for an area exception‚ these are considered on a case by case basis.


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