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Students who Need a Scribe/Reader During Testing

If you are a CURRENT STUDENT who needs a scribe / reader during exams:

  1. You must be registered with the Disability Resource Center and you must have requested and received your DRC Letters of Accommodations.

    If you ARE NOT registered with the Disability Resource Center‚ then you need to become registered with the DRC’s office and request your Letters of Accommodations (See Documentation Guidelines) (the DRC’s office is located in Room 2‚ Alumni Gym).
    If you ARE registered with the Disability Resource Center then you will need to request your Letters of Accommodations once each semester.
  2. Once you receive you Letters of Accommodations it is your‚ the student’s‚ responsibility to distribute your letters to your faculty members as early into the semester as possible.
    Faculty should be provided your Letters of Accommodations 7 days or more prior to the first exam or quiz‚ unless the faculty member agrees to accommodate on short notice.
  3. Throughout the semester it is your‚ the student’s‚ responsibility to remind your faculty prior to each exam or quiz of your exam accommodations and arrangements.
    Faculty may prefer to schedule accommodated testing in their department‚ if they do then the faculty will provide the reader/scribe. Using the Disability Resource Center’s Testing Services is an option for the faculty. As long as the faculty can meet the space and resource testing accommodation needs- it is considered adequate.
  4. If the student’s accommodated exam/quiz needs to be coordinated through the Disability Resource Center the instructor must be the one to contact the exam coordinator‚ Lindsay Jansen Disability Program Assistant‚ 7 days or more prior to the exam or quiz date.
  5. The coordinator will contact the student and faculty by e-mail. This email will contain all necessary instructions/directions for the accommodated exam.
  6. The student should reply to the coordinator’s e-mail so that the “go ahead” may be given for the accommodated exam

For exams/quizzes scheduled through the Disability Resource Center:

  • A reader/scribe will be provided by the Disability Resource Center
  • Students should arrive 5 minutes or more before the scheduled exam time
  • Students are required to bring a form of ID
  • Not every exam will be scheduled in the same room/location
  • Students should bring all necessary auxiliary aids to their accommodated exam. Exam proctors will not allow cell phones‚ palm pilots‚ or other electronic devices into the testing room to be used as a calculator.
  • Students should expect to receive the specific testing accommodations stated in your accommodation letters during a test. Proctors may not change the arrangements that were established with the faculty.

If a student feels that they require additional testing accommodations for those listed on your accommodation letters you should visit the Disability Resource Center to discuss your eligibility.

Students‚ receiving testing accommodations have the responsibility of honest‚ ethical test taking behavior and of maintaining the integrity of the test. Cheating will not be tolerated and proctors will report any suspicious behaviors to the faculty. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty.


DRC Accommodated Testing Policies (effective January 1‚ 2008)

effective January 1‚ 2008

When a Student is a “No Show”
If a student is a “No Show” for an accommodated exam‚ the faculty will be notified and the faculty member will determine if a make-up is allowed. However‚ the Disability Resource Center may not proctor any make-up exams. For a one time “No Show”‚ the student will still be eligible for future accommodated exam services.

Students who are “No Shows” for two exams without legitimate reasons may be ineligible for future accommodated exam services.

“Final Exams”
If the faculty member can proctor the student(s) who needs accommodations during the final exam‚ we ask that you do so.

If the faculty member can not‚ than it is the INSTRUCTOR’S RESPONSIBILITY to contact Lindsay Jansen with a revised list of the students’ names who need the testing center’s services for their final exam‚ NO LESS THAN 7 DAYS BEFORE THE FINAL EXAM DATE. Exams will only be scheduled for the students whose names have been provided to the exam coordinator no less than 7 days prior to the final exam date.

disability resource center . university of kentucky . multidisciplinary science building . suite 407 . lexington‚ ky . 40536–0082 . V/TDD (859) 257–2754 . fax (859) 257–1980

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