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Information for Faculty

Students who need exam accommodations must provide their faculty with letters of accommodation for the current semester from the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Refer students without letters or outdated letters back to the Disability Resource Center. Students must provide faculty their accommodation letter seven or more days prior to any upcoming exam/quiz. If a student does not meet this deadline, faculty have the discretion of providing the exam with accommodations themselves. Please note that the DRC exam service is optional; thus, academic departments who have the resources to provide accommodated exams are encouraged to do so.

Requests for accommodated exams must be submitted to the DRC office:

  • At least 48 hours in advance for a Semester Exam

  • No later than 2 weeks before the final exam date. Requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before Dead Week.

Procedure for Scheduling Accommodated Exams:

  1. Complete the “Accommodated Testing Form” completely (see link below). This form may be submitted online, by fax, hand-delivery or information provided by email. If you have multiple students, you may include all names on the same form.
  2. Faculty must deliver the exams to the DRC by 12:00 (noon) the day prior to the scheduled exam. Exams may be delivered by email, fax, or hand.
  3. The time and location of the exam will be determined by the exam coordinator.
  4. The exam schedule will be posted on the DRC web page as soon as the exam has been scheduled for the students and/or faculty to access.
  5. Completed exams can be picked up the day after the exam at the DRC office between 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday.

No Show Policy:
If a student is a “no show” for an accommodated exam, the faculty will be notified and will determine if a make-up is allowed. However, the DRC office may or may not proctor the make-up exam. If a student does not show 2 times for a course’s exams the DRC will temporarily not schedule the future exams for that course until a reasonable explanation can be given for the 2 time No Show.

Inclement Weather:
If classes are canceled, the DRC will reschedule exams based on the Instructor/University re-schedule procedure.

Links and Contact Information

Contact Information:
Lindsay Jansen, Exam Coordinator
Multidisciplinary Science Building, Suite 407 Disability Resource Center
Lexington KY 40506-0029
(859) 257-2754, fax (859) 257-1980
Email: lbstew2@email.uky.edu

Link to Accommodated Testing Form: www.uky.edu/drc/testACC.html
Link to Disability Resource Center Homepage: www.uky.edu/drc



disability resource center . university of kentucky . multidisciplinary science building . suite 407 . lexington‚ ky . 40536–0082 . V/TDD (859) 257–2754 . fax (859) 257–1980

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