K Week 2016
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Why We Love K Week

Alex McIlvaine"K Week is a great way to meet new people, learn about all the organizations on campus, & take advantage of all the free food! I love the variety of different activities. UK FUSION is a great opportunity to give back to the Lexington community, which will be giving you so much over the 4 or more years here at the University of Kentucky. Also, you have the opportunity to gain information about different organizations and activities on campus. K Week is a great way to start your first week of college!"

Alex McIlvaine
Class of 2008, Wadsworth, OH


Drew Trimble
"UK FUSION! FUSION is a great opportunity to meet new people and begin volunteering on campus and throughout Lexington. During my first FUSION I mulched a trail, was given a tour of Henry Clay's, began my involvement with the Student Volunteer Center, and met my running partner for the rest of the semester...not bad for a couple hours of service!"

Drew Trimble
Class of 2009, Van Lear, KY


Calvin Riney"K Week is the one true way to experience all the extraordinary opportunities, passion, and excitement UK has to offer in one short fun-packed week. It gives students the chance to meet their new classmates, become familiar with the hundreds of UK clubs and organizations, and catch a glimpse of what Wildcat pride truly is. K Week is an unforgettable experience that is guaranteed to leave every student excited about the four years that lay ahead."

Calvin Riney
Class of 2011, Owensboro, KY


Christie Baughman"K Week is a fantastic way to meet new people and instantly feel like you are a part of the UK family! Students can have a way to make new friends and get involved within just a few hours of being on campus. Whether you go to the events with friends or just go to meet new people, you're guaranteed to have a great time. K Week is when you really start to feel like a Wildcat!"

Christie Baughman
Class of 2012, Atlanta, GA


Falon Thacker"During K Week you will have this 'moment.' This is a moment where you will take a step back and say to yourself, "Wow, I am a Kentucky Wildcat." It's one of the best moments I have ever experienced and it is a moment that I continue to have each year as a Wildcat. And that is why I love K Week."

Falon Thacker
Class of 2010, South Williamson, KY


Jasmine Whitlow"I love K Week because it represents what I like to call a big blue family reunion. It gives you a chance to meet everyone on campus from administrators to coaches, to even upperclassman. It's a great way to start off a good semester and for some a new journey. It's exciting and fun and something I look forward to each year."

Jasmine Whitlow
Class of 2011, Louisville, KY


Kyle Kirk"What I love most about K Week is Campus Ruckus! Not only is there a TON of stuff to do, like an inflatable obstacle course, riding a mechanical bull, a game of laser tag, and there is also a TON of free food from restaurants from across Lexington. Also all the student organizations are there with info on how to get involved! No other way to start off the first weekend at UK!"

Kyle Kirk
Class of 2012, Inez, KY


Lauren Perkins"K Week helped shape my view of this wonderful campus, because as a freshman shortly after the "drop off" from your parents, K Week was essential in helping ease the transition. No matter if you are outgoing or introverted, K Week makes the initial college experience a life changing and memorable event by meeting an abundance of new people and discovering places on and off campus. It's simple; K Week is an unforgettable experience. Can you guess where I met my closest college friends…K Week."

Lauren Perkins
Class of 2012, Fayetteville, GA


David Wheatley"I love K Week because it is instant reassurance of what a good choice you made by picking UK over all the other places you could have gone for college."

David Wheatley
Class of 2011, Louisville, KY


MaryCatherine Wright"My favorite part of KWEEK is Student Center Spectacular! It is wild - there is so much going on, so many fun things to do, and tons of free stuff that you are sure to have a great time. Plus it allows you a glimpse of all there is to do and become involved in on UK's campus."

MaryCatherine Wright
Class of 2011, Jeffersonville, IN


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