K Week 2016
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We Are UK

Tuesday, August 27th, 5PM - 8PM behind Memorial Hall

We are UK is a K Week highlight! This outdoor festival celebrates the uniqueness of the UK community and includes a variety of free food from Kentucky and from around the world. You'll enjoy live performances ranging from hip hop to country, poetry to debate, and other random talents from UK students, faculty, and staff.

Perform at We Are UK

We are currently seeking UK students, faculty, and staff to perform live at We Are UK 2013. Both individuals and groups are welcome, and any talent that is cultural in nature will be considered. We want to showcase the diverse and unique talents of our campus community! If you or a group you are involved with is looking for a way to showcase your talents of your members, this is the perfect way to do it! Past performances include: gospel choir; solo and group musical acts; various dance performances including line dance, step and stroll, swing dance, and interpretive dance; poetry reading; etc.

If you are interested in performing, email KWeek@lsv.uky.edu by July 26, 2013 with the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Organization Name (if signing up with a group)
  • Contact E-mail
  • Contact Phone
  • Description of Your Performance in 50 words minimum
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