about the book

Fueled by passion and curiosity, Kelsey Timmerman tells the story of the items we often take for granted.

From garment factories in Cambodia to banana plantations in Costa Rica, Kelsey Timmerman is dedicated to addressing global issues through storytelling. By traveling the world and telling the stories of the people he meets, Timmerman is able to educate his readers and initiate dialogue about how to improve our world economy.

In his first book, WHERE AM I WEARING?, he traveled the world to find out where his clothes came from. Visiting garment factories in Asia and Latin America, he shared the stories of the people who make our clothes. From a 20-something t-shirt maker in Honduras to a single mother of two in Bangladesh, Timmerman humanizes the issues of globalization and provokes readers to check their tags and think about where their clothing came from.

Praise for Where Am I Wearing?:

"[Timmerman's] youthful exuberance carries this unlikely consumer tale.


"His conclusion that 'we should try to be engaged consumers not mindless pocketbooks' may be a valuable revelation."

- Financial Times

"Timmerman pulls us right into the lives of these people – forced into a life of hard labor."

- 4Men