introduction to the common reading experience

The University of Kentucky's Common Reading Experience is a collaborative effort between New Student and Parent Programs/Student Affairs and other campus partners designed to introduce new students to academic life at the University. The goal is two-fold: first, to bring new students together for a common reading experience and introduce them to academic discourse prior to the start of classes; and second, to engage the entire UK community in a common intellectual experience through year-long programming.

Freshmen will read a book selected for their cohort the summer before their first semester on campus. They will then join a community of scholars during K Week, where they will participate in small group discussions about the book with faculty, staff, and upperclass students. The entire UK community will engage in a common academic experience throughout the school year by attending and participating in events coordinated around the book's themes, topics, and issues.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to connect with one another through this common intellectual experience which will allow for critical reflection on the book and the collegiate experience. New students and Discussion Leaders will obtain FREE copies of the book over the summer. Other students, faculty, and staff may purchase the book through the UK Bookstore. Please visit the Events Calendar for information regarding this year's programming.

Click here for more information regarding the Common Reading Experience Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Goals, Learning Outcomes, Assessment Efforts, and Diversity Efforts.