Summer 2013 | Dear Wildcat:

Welcome to the University of Kentucky, a community of scholars. Thousands of UK faculty, staff, and student leaders are preparing for, and eagerly awaiting, your arrival. In advance of your K Week experience and first week of classes, we would like to familiarize you with your first assignment as a college student.

Each year a committee of students, faculty, and staff select a common book for incoming students to complete during the summer months. This assignment will help immerse you in the University's academic community. Your engagement with the Common Reading Experience is an opportunity to join the entire freshman class in a shared exploration of the issues surrounding a single book.

This year's selection, Where Am I Wearing?, follows author Kelsey Timmerman as he travels the world to learn more about the factories that make his clothes, and more importantly, the people who make them. He immediately engages his readers and challenges us to be informed and educated global citizens. We are confident you will quickly become immersed in the lives and stories of the people he meets and will begin to consider your own role as a global consumer.

Like many of you, Kelsey came to college not knowing what he wanted to do with his life. He emphasizes that this is perfectly OK. In fact, he encourages you to explore the possibilities that college will bring- to seize every learning opportunity. This will be your first collegiate opportunity to think critically about the information you read and respectfully discuss and debate the material, skills that will continue to develop throughout your course of study and will serve you well in your life beyond the University.

Whether you like or dislike the book - whether you agree or disagree with its content - the scholarly exchange of ideas that will stem from this thought-provoking story is at the heart of what it means to be a student at the University of Kentucky. Where Am I Wearing? will spark reflection and stir emotions that will enrich the small-group conversations you will have during K Week.

As you move throughout the book, I encourage you to jot down your thoughts, underline interesting quotes, and think of questions to ask your fellow students. Come to campus prepared to discuss the book - to learn with another and from one another! Until then, continue to “see blue.”


Eli Capilouto