University of Kentucky Parent Association


The UK Parent & Family Association invites all parents, guardians, grandparents, stepparents, and supporters of UK undergraduate students to join its membership. Memberships are reasonably priced and come with a number of wonderful benefits. UKPFA publications for members include the Insider's Guide handbook for families of new students, Chapter Two handbook for families of sophomores, the Family Focus newsletter, and the Cat Chat e-mail newsletter. Parent & Family Association members also benefit from a great discount program that includes a number of local hotels, restaurants, and shops. Members are also invited to join the Parent Advisory Council and get more involved in the activities of the Parent Association.

The Parent & Family Association invites all UK parents and families of undergraduates to events during K Week (UK's fall welcome week) and Family Weekend. The Parent & Family Association happily assists all parents and family members with questions and concerns related to their students and UK.

The three professional staff members in the Office of New Student & Family Programs also coordinate the fall welcome week called K Week, the UK 101 academic orientation course, the Common Reading Experience, and the K Book new student handbook. Learn more about the staff in the Office of New Student & Family Programs.


The UK Parent & Family Association will partner with the parents and families of all undergraduate students in order to ensure student success and will serve as a national model for similar programs around the country.


The UK Parent & Family Association strives to enhance student success by actively engaging parents and families as part of the larger University community through publications, programs, and services.


UK Parent & Family Association will:

  • Keep parents and families informed about University services and opportunities as well as dates, deadlines, and changes in policy or procedure that affect students
  • Provide an opportunity for parents and other family members to participate with students in K Week, Family Weekend, and other University traditions
  • Implement and support services which benefit students and improve the overall quality of campus life


As a result of actively utilizing UK Parent & Family Association resources, parents and families will:

  1. Be able to identify campus resources available to students and how to use them
  2. Apply knowledge of campus resources by referring their students to them
  3. Be aware of student transitional issues


  • Annual surveys about publications and Family Weekend
  • Biannual meetings of the UK Parent Advisory Council
  • Parent testimonial page on UK Parent & Family Association website
  • Track attendance at UK Parent & Family Association sponsored events


In a review of the literature regarding student success and retention, the Office of New Student & Family Programs has compiled a list of factors, frameworks, and best practices which we consistently refer to when developing and evaluating our goals, learning outcomes, and programs. In reference to this list, the UK Parent & Family Association strives to enhance the retention of UK students by:

  • Providing parents and families information about academic resources and opportunities
  • Providing parents and families information about social opportunities available to students
  • Educating parents and families about student transitional issues and stages of development
  • Cultivating a University community-wide respect for diversity
  • Educating parents and families about issues of college alcohol use and abuse, eating disorders, mental health issues, etc.
  • Promoting parent and family involvement in the University community


  • Promotion of diversity programs and efforts through publication content (Insider's Guide, Cat Chat, Family Focus, etc.)
  • The UK Parent & Family Association strives to attract a diverse membership to the Parent Advisory Council in order to better represent the larger population of the University.