University of Kentucky Parent Association

Frequently Asked Questions - Health and Wellness

What should my student do if he or she is sick?
The University Health Service is a large outpatient clinic available to all UK students for their health needs. All visits to University Health Service require an appointment, which can usually be made the same day. Students can call (859) 323-APPT (2778) Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm to schedule an appointment. The health fee that all full-time students pay covers a number of services. A list of these services is available at University Health Service does not give written excuses for class absences. Students are advised to communicate directly with their instructors in the event of a class absence due to injury or illness.

Is there someone my student can call to talk about his or her symptoms?
Telephone consultation is available for illness, injuries, lab results, and other questions and concerns. The University Health Service Phone Information Nurse (PIN) can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm by calling (859) 323-INFO (4636).

What should I do if my student is not covered by my insurance policy?
The student health fee covers many services offered by University Health Service; however, most prescription drugs, services related to hospitalization, surgery, and accident care are not covered. It is essential that all students carry adequate medical insurance. Students not covered by a parent's policy need their own policy. A University-sponsored illness and injury plan to complement the services provided through the health fee is available. For more information, visit or call (888) 834-4690.

What should my student do in the event of an emergency if University Health Service is not open?
For true emergencies, students are advised to go to the nearest Urgent Treatment Center or to an emergency room. Students are financially responsible for the services they receive there. A University Health Service physician is available for telephone consultation during evenings and weekends. The on-call physician can help a student decide if their condition is a true emergency or can wait until the UHS clinic opens. Call (859) 323-5321 and ask for the student health physician on call.