University of Kentucky Parent Association

Frequently Asked Questions - Safety

How safe is UK's campus?
For a community of its size located in an urban area, UK's campus is fairly safe. There are a low number of personal crimes, which include assault. Opportunity theft is by far the most frequent crime that takes place on campus. Encourage your son or daughter to lock his or her room and/or car no matter how long he or she will be gone. Record serial numbers of electronic items and store them on a free website to warehouse your important item's information. Engrave valuables with identifying information to increase the chances of recovering items should they be stolen. Hide valuables from sight in parked cars. Encourage your son or daughter to use the buddy system, especially after dark, and to use good common sense.

What is SafeCats?
SafeCats is a partnership with the Student Government Association, UK Police Department, and that of the AFROTC. AFROTC cadets escort all UK students safely, by a golf-cart, to anywhere ON campus. This service can be obtained by calling (859) 257-SAFE (7233) Sunday through Thursday from 8:30pm to 1:30am. Students are encouraged to call 10-20 minutes in advance of the time they need the escort. Escorts receive safety training and carry a radio that gives them direct contact with UK Police dispatch.

Where can my student and I learn about campus safety programs?
Visit for more information on campus safety programs, including Adopt-A-COPP, SafeCats, and STARR.

Where can I find updated campus crime statistics?
UK Police is required by law, specifically the Clery and Minger Acts, to provide up-to-date campus crime information to the general public. This information is available online at and is updated daily.

Where can I find campus crime bulletins?
Crime bulletins are issued in the event of unusual criminal activity on or near campus. These alerts are typically e-mailed to all students, faculty, and staff. They are also posted on the entrances to all high-traffic buildings, including residence halls. They are available online at The Parent Association includes crime bulletins in the Cat Chat e-mail newsletter.

What is UK Police's jurisdiction?
They have law enforcement authority on property owned, leased, or occupied by the University and streets that run through those properties. UK Police has authority to investigate and incarcerate for crimes committed in these areas anywhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Does UK have an emergency notification system?
Yes, UK Alert was launched in 2008 to provide official communication in the event of an emergency, supplementing the existing methods of communication such as the University website, broadcast e-mails, and the local media. Encourage your student to sign up to receive alerts; parents may also sign up if they are interested. To learn more, visit