University of Kentucky Parent Association

Academic Programs

Students - Do you want to get to know one of your instructors or your academic advisor better? Do you need to talk about a class, ask for a letter of recommendation, or chat about plans for the future? The UK Parent Association invites you to grab coffee or have a meal on us!

To promote more student-instructor interaction and to foster the development of positive academic relationships, the Parent Association is providing free meal cards for students, instructors, and academic advisors to dine together at any on-campus dining location. Click here for more information.

We are now accepting funding requests for the Spring 2016 semester. Funding is limited, so be sure to fill out your application as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your interest, and we hope that this program will continue to grow.

Instructors - If you would like an opportunity to get to know some of your students outside the classroom, the Parent Association is funding a new endeavor called Dinner Dialogues. The dinner, to be hosted at your home, will give instructors an opportunity to get to know their students in a more casual, comfortable setting over a meal. The Parent Association will reimburse you for food purchases so that you and your class can have the chance to engage in meaningful conversation at your home. Click here for more information.