University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

June - Summer and Evaluating the First Year

The end of the academic year can be looked at from a different perspective once your student has returned home. There is time to reflect on the challenges that your student faced and his or her successes and failures.

-Developed new skills, made new friends, experienced new things, and discovered new interests

-Academic challenges and possible disappointment over failure to meet expectations

-Poor academic performance may lead to doubt in abilities and loss of confidence

-Challenges with time and money management

-Need to re-energize for the fall semester

What Families Can Do

-If your student has returned home for the summer, take some time to get reacquainted.

-Review the events of the first year with your student. This may be the first time your student has time to reflect on the meaning of his academic experience.

-Discuss how initial academic interests and career plans have been affected. This can be an occasion for increased motivation towards original goals or an opportunity to explore alternative plans.

-spring grades and academic strategies and priorities related to the fall semester.

-As the summer progresses, your student may express some loneliness for friends made at college, a "home" away from home. Discuss the value of your student having developed a positive sense of campus life and plans for involvement next