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Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

March - Spring Break

March is a hectic month when academic requirements and social activities can collide. Academic pressures increase as students face midterm exams and begin to realize that the end of the semester is not far away.

-Thinking about future living arrangements-moving off campus, changing roommates, or staying in Lexington for the summer

-Depression, fatigue, and discouragement if unable to cope with academic pressure and social expectations

-Difficulty dealing with the many demands of college and turning to alcohol or other drugs

-Focus on Spring Break and warmer weather

-Potential sense of disappointment when peers are going on an "actual vacation" instead of "just going home"

-Paying for Spring Break trips

-Making difficult choices about behaviors in which he or she may not normally engage

-Emotionally and financially costly consequences if he or she makes unwise choices during Spring Break

What Families Can Do

-Discuss living options with your student for next year. Listen to your student's ideas about what he would like to do and what he thinks is feasible.

-Encourage your student to speak to professors about difficult classes or exams on which she did not perform well.

-Remind your student to speak to his academic advisor in preparation for summer and fall semester registration.

-Remind your student that spring is a time for fun social activities but balancing social and academic commitments is important.

-Be supportive of your student if she is experiencing emotional difficulties. Help guide her to campus resources for further support.

-Encourage your student to think through his choices regarding Spring Break activities.

-Suggest that your student visit the Career Center for guidance with a summer job search. If your student will remain in Lexington for the summer, recommend a visit to Student Employment for assistance finding a job.