University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

April - Preparing for Spring Finals

The month of April is a time when the pace of the semester escalates academically, socially, and personally. Students may be experiencing considerable stress and fatigue by this point in the semester.

-Final project and paper deadlines looming

-Anxiety about academic performance

-Registration for next fall; potential concerns about selection of classes and course availability

-Anxiety about final exams

-End of semester extracurricular activities

-Making plans for the summer

What Families Can Do

-Send care packages and messages. You may want to include homemade goodies and encouraging notes.

-Stress the wisdom of approaching finals with the attitude of doing the very best she can. Counsel her not to spend too much time with excessive worrying about what has or has not happened so far in the semester.

-Encourage your student to talk to professors to assess his course performance so far.

-Encourage your student to work in exercise, some healthy meals, and adequate amounts of sleep as she gets ready for finals.

-Suggest that he attend a last-minute summer job workshop at the Career Center if he does not have summer employment lined up.