University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

November - Academic Pressures

Academic pressures and responsibilities build in November, which is challenging for all first-year students but especially for those who continue to have difficulty adjusting to campus life. November is often a stressful month socially, emotionally, and physically for students.

-Increased academic pressure due to procrastination, difficulty of work assigned, or perceived lack of ability

-Major class projects or papers coming due as pre-finals stress emerges

-Academically successful students may experience the added pressure of keeping high grades up through finals

-Procrastinators may feel overwhelmed by what they perceive to be an unmanageable amount of work needed to catch up in their classes

-Coping with stress by engaging in counter-productive behaviors, including late night socializing, increased alcohol consumption, and poor eating and sleeping habits

-Depression and anxiety in students who feel that they still have not found their niche at UK

-Financial concerns as funds from parents and summer earnings begin to run out

-Stress and fatigue lower a student's ability to fight off illness

What Families Can Do

-Provide your student with encouragement and support. Many students put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves. They may also be anxious about living up to your academic expectations and may find themselves even more overwhelmed.

-Remind your student about academic support services offered on campus.

-Encourage your student to visit professors during office hours to get help or discuss academic performance.

-If your student seems depressed or anxious, encourage her to talk to a counselor in the Counseling Center or the Student Mental Health Service.

-Be alert for signs of alcohol and/or drug abuse.

-If your student lives in a residence hall and is feeling isolated, encourage him to talk with an R.A. or Hall Director.

-Even though this may be a time of increased academic pressure, encourage your student to attempt to achieve balance, which includes a healthy diet, adequate sleep and exercise, and some relaxation.

-Remind your student to visit University Health Service to take care of any health needs and to let professors know if she is going to miss classes due to illness.

-Remind your student to take advantage of resources meant to ensure campus safety, especially as it begins to get dark earlier in the evening.