University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

January - Spring Semester Begins

January's success may be influenced by how well the winter break went for your student and your family.

-Winter break may not have lived up to expectations

-Disappointment with fall semester grades or anxiety about finances may adversely affect motivation for beginning a new semester

-Homesick students have to leave the security and acceptance of home and family for the uncertainties of their second semester

-Anxiety about improving upon first semester performance as well as continuing good habits and discontinuing bad habits

-Concern about making new friendships and maintaining relationships that started during the fall semester

-Balancing social and academic responsibilities

-Returning to living situation

What Families Can Do

-Reassure your student that feelings of anxiety are normal when beginning the spring semester.

-Encourage your student to take a renewed, invigorated look at his new classes and potential classmates as opportunities for new connections and improved academic performance.

-Encourage her to seek new opportunities for involvement in campus activities and programs, especially if she did not get involved during the fall semester.

-Even if his academic performance did not meet your expectations, encouragement and support are needed now. Provide support for your student to review the previous semester and to learn from any mistakes he may have made along the way.

-Discuss with your student how her fall grades may impact financial aid and scholarships.

-Encourage use of academic support services to hone time management and study skills.