University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

February - Winter in Kentucky

Academic responsibilities and relationship issues prevail in February.

-Pressure to keep up with assignments and preparing for exams or quizzes

-Time management


-Balancing extracurricular activities

-Focus on relationships as Valentine's Day approaches

-Financial concerns

-Dreary winter weather

-Cold and flu season continues

What Families Can Do

-Communicate with your student the importance of balancing work and social activities.

-Encourage your student to pursue student leadership opportunities available through the Dean of Students Office.

-Remind your student to visit his professors if he has concerns about his schoolwork and to meet with his academic advisor prior to summer and fall registration, which begins in March and continues into April.

-Discuss summer plans with your student. Your student may want to pursue summer school, study abroad opportunities, internships, or summer employment. Encourage your student to visit the Career Center, Student Employment, and the Office of International Affairs for guidance.

-Relationships are a focus during this month, so your student may want to discuss experiences with friends and significant others.

-Discuss your student's financial needs, and evaluate your student's ability to stick to a budget and make sound financial choices.

-Discuss his plans for Spring Break in March. Important topics to discuss include drowsy driving, alcohol and drug use, and sexual activity. Communicate your values and expectations.

-If your student exhibits signs of depression, encourage her to go to the Counseling Center's Depression Screening Day.