University of Kentucky Parent Association

Monthly Tips For New UK Parents

May - The End of the School Year

May can be a difficult transition month for first-year students.

-Adjusting to living at home again

-Potential conflict over independence and family responsibilities; want the freedom of college back at home

-Concern about maintaining college relationships over the summer

-Reconnecting with high school friends

-Feeling nothing in common with high school friends

-Attending summer school at UK or a local college or university

-Adjusting to the rapid pace of summer school courses

What Families Can Do

-Make plans for how he will move home or to a new location with all of his belongings at the end of the semester.

-Talk with your returning student ahead of time about your expectations while she is living at home. Acknowledge the possible differences in your lifestyles after living apart for the past year.

-Discuss with and help your student make connections with his peer support group at home. In some cases, many childhood and high school friends will have moved away. Encourage your student to find ways to make new acquaintances during this break from school.

-If your student is enrolled in summer school, talk about the importance of effective time management.

-If your son or daughter is attending summer school at UK or away from home, be sure to remain in contact and keep lines of communication open.