Violence Intervention Prevention Center
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the VIP Center open?

8:30-5:00pm Monday - Friday

What do I do if I, or someone I know, need to talk about what happened?

Come by VIP anytime 8:30-5:00pm, M-F to speak confidentially with a staff person. There is no cost. You can share as little or as much as you want and we will listen and help you explore options and resources.

If you need to speak to someone right away when we are not open, here are a few places you could call: Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center- 24-hour line, 1-800-656-HOPE
GreenHouse 17 (formerly Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program)- 24-hour line, 1-800-544-2022

I want to get involved with VIP. Where should I start?

Check out our volunteer page!

Are guys involved with your mission at VIP?

Absolutely! In fact, we depend on the men of this campus to be part of the solution... we can't do it without them. Stop by the VIP Center to meet some volunteers who are men and learn how they are contributing.

Where is VIP located?

Lower level, Frazee Hall- next to the Student Center

What if I'm in a position at UK (RA, student organization, campus ministry, Student Gov't) and I want to work with VIP?

Great idea! Email or stop by the VIP Center so we can talk with you specifically about combining forces! Also check out our support page for RAs and TAs.

I am a faculty or staff member here at UK and I'm concerned about a student. What should I do?

You can contact the VIP Center by phone 257-3574 or stop by during regular business hours. The VIP Center can provide you with helpful resources and information, or discuss strategies for reaching out to the student you're concerned about. Also check out our support page for Faculty and Staff.

If I am just coming back to school or not on campus much, how can I learn more or get involved with the VIP Center?

ALL UK students (no matter if you are a graduate or undergraduate, coming back to school after a break, have more life experiences than the average college student, live on or off campus, have a bunch of commitments on or off campus) are invited to get involved with the VIP Center.
The first step is exploring our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages where you may find resources, information, video clips, and much more. If you are completing a class project or paper, check here for additional information. Visit us in the lower level of Frazee Hall if you're ever around campus.
Second, there are many ways to volunteer no matter when or where you are. You can download VIP Center posters and hang them up, like or share VIP Center postings on Facebook, or talk about VIP Center resources with a friend. Many communities have a rape crisis center and domestic violence shelter with volunteer opportunities as well: get help in your area or search for local crisis centers. If you have specific ideas about how you'd like to help the VIP Center, please email
Finally, we offer free and confidential services to all UK students, whether they or someone they care about has experienced violence. Please feel free to give us a call at 859-257-3574 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm. You can also access help nationwide: resources here.

What can I expect when walking in to the VIP Center for the first time?

People come to the VIP Center for the first time for many reasons. Many want to get involved or learn more about us, and others walk in because they or someone they care about has been hurt by power based personal violence. No matter your reason for walking in, expect to be warmly greeted and immediately connected to the resources you are seeking.

I'd like to talk to someone about what happened to me. What will happen next?

Each person will be the guide to the services they receive. We won't press for details, force you to make a police report or direct you towards any services you don't want. We will do whatever is necessary to provide you with the support you need.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointments are necessary. Come by any time M-F 8:30 - 5:00 to speak with a staff person or call 257-3574.

Who will I be speaking to?

All staff members are trained, confidential advocates and are full time staff members, not students.

I don't know what to say to my friend who has been hurt.

If you say nothing else, let them know you believe them, that it isn't their fault and that you are so glad they shared this with you. If possible, share VIP's number and suggest they stop by for more support.

Does the VIP Center address ALL types of violence?

While we can certainly connect any student to the resources we have available at UK, we deal with what we call Interpersonal Violence, which can include sexual assault, rape, stalking, and partner violence.

What is VIP's space used for?

Our welcoming space, located in the basement of Frazee Hall, is a hub where education meets action. Students stop by to fill up on knowledge by going through different sections of the Training Circuit, as they learn the potential power of a bystander and the specific role they play in prevention. Others might stop by to talk to a VIP staff person to share their recent Green Dot experience. There are often different VIP-related programs that take place in our space. The Center also houses all the staff offices, as well as serving as a place where students, faculty, staff can seek confidential services.

Who can come to the VIP Center?

All students, faculty, staff from all backgrounds who want to learn the ropes of being a proactive bystander and how to spread green dots is welcome to stop in at any time M-F, 8:30-5:00 to learn how to get involved. We also provide free and confidential services to anyone in the UK community who has experienced violence, or cares about somebody who has.

What can I expect when walking in to the VIP Center for the first time?

One of our VIP staff will greet you within seconds of walking in, eager to see what brought you to us. We'll give you a quick tour, tell you all about the VIP Center, or get you connected with whatever you're looking for. We have a great space conducive to creating social change and we love showing it off.

Defining what looks high-risk seems tricky. How can I determine what could be potentially dangerous requiring someone to intervene?

It's true that much of what we talk about does in fact look ambiguous. It is because of this that we offer trainings to help give students more situations- to look out for, as well as tools and tactics to use when it's necessary to intervene. When in doubt, check it out! Check our calendar for see when our next training will be.

How can I be in the know about VIP programs, events, trainings?

Join our email list, Like us on Facebook, find us on Twitter, or check out our calendar page.

I want to get involved - what is my first step?

Contact us, check out our volunteer opportunities, or drop by!

I'm an extremely busy, over-committed student, faculty or staff, but I really want to make a difference. Is there something I can do?

Of course! Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 hours, you can certainly help. Check out Green Dots you could do today without ever stepping foot in our space. Green Dot opportunities can occur at any hour of any day, so all you have to do is be prepared to create Green Dots.

So what IS the Green Dot?

Green dot represents any single moment in time when people choose to state their intolerance of power-based personal violence through words, choices, or actions. With enough people spreading enough Green Dots, we can combat the violence, or Red Dots, on this campus. Through everyone's help, UK can become the safest university in the country when it comes to power-based personal violence.

I'm an RA and would like to do a VIP-related program. Can you help?

1. Schedule a time to bring your hall to the VIP Center to take a tour, get connected to the circuit, and learn everything VIP is all about.

2. Make a VIP-inspired bulletin board with plenty of Green Dot statements for the week. Check out our support page.

What does the VIP Center do?

Provide services to those affected by violence and prevent violence through intervention and prevention strategies.

What can I do to help out? What do volunteers do there?

Whatever your heart desires, from helping with daily office work, to writing an article in the Kernel, or liking us on Facebook. Most importantly, we want volunteers to live the green dot and to prevent violence in their daily lives.

Print of stamp with green dot.

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