Violence Intervention Prevention Center
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The VIP Center works with students, staff, faculty and community partners toward the mission of eliminating the perpetration of power-based personal violence including sexual assault, stalking, and partner violence.


Power-based personal violence is a form of violence motivated by the assertion of power, control, and intimidation in order to harm another.


Support and resources are provided for any UK community member who has directly experienced violence or who cares about someone who has experienced violence.

"The VIP gave me an opportunity to tell my story and grow throughout college." "You all make a big difference in the lives of victims and those who know and love a victim!"

"Immensely helpful in allowing me to process my emotions and begin to heal. I love the VIP!"


Our primary prevention strategy is called "Green Dot" and is built on the premise that engaging the bystander can finally alter the outcome of the tragedy of power-based personal violence.

There are many ways to do green dots. One way is to give financial support for people who have experienced power-based personal violence in our community.

With your generosity, you are helping UK community members impacted by power-based personal violence. 100% of your gift goes directly to the Victim Assistance Fund (VAF). Your donation is tax-deductible. Click here to donate.

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