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Daily Dot
  • I talked to my friends about the SEEDS retreat I went to.
  • We created a fundraiser for the VIP Center.
  • I check in with my friends before we go out. Someone is always designated sober for the night. We stay together, we leave together.
  • I have gone to Take Back the Night 3 years in a row.
  • I put my green dot button on my bag.
  • I brought my friend to VIP to volunteer.
  • I heard my neighbors get into a verbal argument, I checked in to make sure everything was okay.
  • When someone blames the victim, I talk to them about how wrong that is.
  • I gave a class presentation on Green Dot.
  • My friend had a suspicious bruise, I asked if she was okay and gave her the contact info for VIP.
  • I take my class to the VIP Center every semester
  • I passed out fliers for the VIP last semester.
  • I didn’t let a stranger take my drunk friend home.
  • I walked my friend home from the library.
  • I went to SEEDS and got a couple friends to go with me.
  • I ‘accidentally’ spilled my drink on a guy who wouldn’t leave this girl alone.
  • I have several green dot/VIP shirts that I wear all the time.
  • I take my green dot water bottle to the gym.
  • I added “What’s your green dot?” to my email signature line.
  • I created a SEEDS event on Facebook to invite all my friends to come.
  • I got my fraternity brothers to attend SEEDS.
  • I participated in In Our Own Voices, a play that raises awareness about violence
  • I told the bartender about someone who I saw slip something in someone’s drink.
  • I was there for my friend when she told me she had been assaulted.
  • I volunteer at the VIP center a couple hours a week.
  • I told my story at Take Back the Night.
  • I participated in the Umbrella Walk.
  • I did my English paper over power based personal violence.
  • We did a group presentation on VIP.
  • I wore my green dot button, and someone asked me about it.
  • A couple was arguing loudly in a restaurant, and I told the manager.
  • My friends now know not to make sexist jokes around me.
  • When a news article comes out relating to violence, I discuss it with my friends.
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