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Green Team


Membership is open to anyone on campus and can be attained through emailing:


VIP's very own street team. Student driven, the Green Team will generate and complete various tasks and activities. It might include anything from contributing to a related topic on Twitter, flyering for an up-coming event, or wearing a VIP/Green Dot shirt every Friday.


Whenever a task or activity is sent out. Green Team members will receive (via email, OrgSync, text, etc.) frequent activities to complete. Be on the look-out for a new task at any moment to complete and help contribute to the conversation around this important issue!


Wherever you are! Green Team tasks can be completed on or off campus, in person, through social media, in your classes, at work, with student organizations, while out with friends - anywhere!


In our ideal world, people would always be thinking and talking about ways that they can prevent violence and how they can help create a safe campus environment. While we recognize that this is a big task, the Green Team acts as a catalyst for those thoughts - and action - to take place! By taking the message out of VIP and onto the streets, we're creating larger spaces where this conversation is taking place, helping people find their connection to this issue, and ultimately changing the culture!

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