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Fall 2014

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Healthy Dating Series

This 8-week series is facilitated by Rhonda Henry (VIP Center) and Dr. Nathan Miles (Counseling Center).

3:30-4:45pm Wednesdays October 1- November 19 @ 117 Student Center

The VIP Center and Counseling Center are working together to bring you a series of activities and discussions related to healthy dating. Contact the VIP Center for additional information about the sessions to explore what a healthy relationship means to you.


Film FPO

Connection Cinema Fall 2014

Torch Song Trilogy - 7pm Thursday, Ocotber 9th @ WorshamTheater, Student Center

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - 7pm Thursday, November 7th @ WorshamTheater, Student Center

Water for Elephants- 7pm Friday, November 21st @ WorshamTheater, Student Center

Proudly presented by Late Night Film Series in partnership with The VIP Center.


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