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How to Get Involved

Looking for specific events to be involved with? Click here to check out our Calendar of Events or Program page.

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Here at VIP, we want to inspire people to be a champion of nonviolence, social justice, and advocacy.

  • Here, you can build your resume and leave a legacy. Here, you can participate in community service and discover the influence you have to impact your peers.
  • Here, you can grow your leadership ability and find your passion for everyone at UK to be free of violence and fear.
  • Here, you can serve in meaningful outreach and know that you are part of a historic culture shift on this campus.
  • Here, it's about exploring your connection and getting the knowledge you need.

So whether you have five minutes or five hours, there's no time like today.

Stop by the VIP Center!

First, Get What You Need:

In order to transform your influence into green dots, start by stopping by to get the knowledge you need. Anytime between 8:30am and 5:00pm, drop in to the VIP Center for a few minutes to take a tour of the VIP space and learn what we are all about, register for a workshop, learn about Green Dot, or stop by to find out about upcoming ways to get involved and volunteer opportunities.

Then, Get Out into Your World and inspire others to be a champion of nonviolence, social justice, and advocacy:

  • Tell a friend about what you learned from a Green Dot training.
  • Look out for friends at parties and bars. Check in by asking, "Are you ok?"
  • Support a friend who has been affected by power-based personal violence.
  • On Facebook, post a quote that gets people thinking about this issue.
  • Invite a friend to go with you to volunteer orientation at VIP.
  • Wear a T-shirt, button, or pin that shows others power-based personal violence is a big deal to you.
  • Integrate information about any form of power-based personal violence into a class assignment.
  • Make an announcement or coordinate an effort to get your student org trained.

Remember, to continue to look for the following ways to get involved with VIP Spring 2014 Involvement (specific dates/times found here):

  • Let’s Talk About It Series: Opportunity for UK community members to gather and discuss issues related to power based personal violence.

  • Volunteer Open House: A time for individuals to gather and assist VIP in volunteer initiatives.

  • Take Back The Night Event and/or Planning Committee: Take Back the Night is a Lexington area event, including campus and community members. The purpose is to highlight the collective power of our community to end violence.

  • Healthy Dating Workshop: Come learn and discuss ways to manage relationships. All are welcome!

  • Jeans for Justice: Join us in continuing to raise issues around power-based personal violence, and recognize our volunteers for their dedication over the past year.

  • C3 Workshop (Creating, Community, Change): Passionate about social justice? Want to see fewer people get hurt? Hope to change the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would want to miss out on this workshop.

For questions about the opportunities listed above or to find out more on how you can get involved with the VIP Center please contact Leadership and Engagement Specialist,


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