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How to Be Involved

2014 has already been a year of changes at VIP and the fall semester is no exception! This year we’ll be experiencing big change with involvement opportunities as we transition into a new structure that is issue-focused and mission-oriented.

Involvement with VIP won’t be your typical volunteer experience! More than just accruing hours and completing in-space tasks, we’re working on creating a structure that lends itself to meaningful work and a sustainable connection to VIP, violence prevention, and social justice.

Focus Groups

Don't be shy - we want to know what you think! As VIP moves toward a brand new student involvement structure, we know we can't make this move without the help of students. We're looking to you to provide insight and feedback. This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape what student involvement will mean at VIP and what your future involvement experience will look like! All levels of student involvement experience and knowledge about/interaction with VIP are welcome!

TBTN Planning

Get ready for Take Back the Night 2015! Take Back the Night (TBTN) is Lexington's annual march and rally that allows you (and the rest of the community) to take a stand against interpersonal violence in our community. Beginning in October, you have the opportunity to be a part of the committee that plans this community-wide event! Through the TBTN planning committee, you will connect and collaborate with other students, campus partners, community organizations, and other local colleges and universities as we join together to create the event that has become a staple in the Lexington community. Join us by contributing to the campus and community conversation around this issue as we begin planning for this April 2015 event! Check back on our website for more specific dates, or email Catherine or the VIP Center for more information.

VIP's Green Team

New this year is VIP's Green Team! If you're interested in learning more or becoming a Green Team member, email Catherine or the VIP Center.


Anyone can be a join the Green Team! Membership is open to anyone (students, staff, and faculty) on campus and can be attained through emailing Catherine or the VIP Center.


VIP's very own street team. Largely student driven, the Green Team will generate and complete various tasks and activities. These could include more topical/time-relevant things, such as contributing to a related topic on Twitter and plastering campus with posters for an up-coming event, or a more regular activity, such as wearing a VIP/Green Dot shirt every Friday.


Whenever a task or activity is sent out. Green Team members will receive (via email, OrgSync, text, etc.) frequent activities to complete. Be on the look-out for a new task at any moment to complete and help contribute to the conversation around this important issue!


Wherever you are! Green Team tasks can be completed on or off campus, in person, through social media, in your classes, at work, with student organizations, while out with friends- anywhere!


We want to create a buzz on campus! In our ideal world, people would always be thinking, and talking about ways that they can prevent violence and how they can help create a safe campus environment. While we recognize that this is a big task, the Green Team acts as a catalyst for those thoughts - and action - to take place! The Green Team focuses on outreach and education by creating a space for constant conversation and awareness about violence prevention and the role that each individual on campus plays in creating a violence-free campus. By taking the message out of VIP and onto the streets, we're creating larger spaces where this conversation is taking place, helping people find their connection to this issue, and ultimately changing the culture!


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