Adoption Support for Kentucky

Adoption Support for Kentucky (ASK) Mission Statement

ASK specializes in the utilization of support groups to offer pre and post adoptive support and services to foster parents. ASK provides the opportunity to share resources, suggestions, frustrations and successes with those who share the unique experience of adoption. ASK strives to prevent pre-adoption disruption and post-adoption dissolution through peer led support and training.

ASK Support Groups are led by an Adoptive Parent Liaison (APL).

Through your journey of foster care and adoption, you may need to lean on other parents for support.  ASK provides parent-led support groups for adoptive and foster parents and for those considering adoption.

Our groups are open to any family formed through adoption or foster care at any stage in the process.  You may choose to adopt through the state, privately, internationally, or through relative care, or you may simply be considering foster care or adoption.  You may have adopted your child as an infant, older child, or part of a sibling group. You may have adopted twenty years ago, had a child placed with you for adoption last week, or still be awaiting placement. Regardless of the type of adoption or stage in the process, ASK is here for you.

What can ASK offer my family?

  • Support groups for foster and adoptive parents
  • Mentoring with an experienced adoptive family
  • Information on policies and procedures
  • Educational and Training Programs
  • Advocacy assistance
  • On site lending library
  • Statewide resource information
  • Information on medical/behavioral issues

Why do adoptive families need support?

By bringing people together who have been touched by adoption and foster care, our support groups can validate your experiences and frustrations, celebrate the joys and triumphs unique to foster and adoptive parenting, enable you to share resources, suggestions, and success stories, identify and solve problems, reduce feelings of isolation and self-doubt when problems arise in a family, provide ongoing training, and offer encouragement affirmation, and hope.

For more information please contact:

Christine Sauer, CSW
Program Director
1 Quality Street, Suite 700
Lexington, Kentucky 40507
Telephone: (859) 257-7361
Toll Free: (877) 440-6376
Fax: (859) 257-3918
Email Christine Sauer

Karen Bowman
Program Coordinator
1 Quality Street, Suite 700
Lexington, Kentucky 40507
Telephone: (859) 257-3196
Toll Free: (877) 440-6376
Fax: (859) 257-3918
Email Karen Bowman


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