CE Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a member of the CRP’s and what are the requirements?

Anyone in the community can be a member as long they are not employed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or have other conflicts of interest. The requirements of a member are to: to go through an orientation, to meet 2-3 hours monthly with other members, and to occasionally work between meetings in small sub-committees.

What is the structure of the Panels?

Each Panel has a chairperson and there is also a representative of the local Department for Community Based Services who sits on the board and acts as a liaison between the CRP and the state child protective services agency. The Panel membership is made up of a diverse mixture of people in the community: parents, former child protective services workers, foster parents, professional child advocates, social workers, educators, attorneys, etc.

What are some typical activities of the Panels?

Each Panel is a little different in the way they evaluate the Cabinet, but some typical activities are: focus groups with community agencies and Cabinet staff, case reviews, and evaluation of policies and practice.

How long of a commitment do I need to make to the CRP?

Members are asked to make a one-year commitment.

I will be talking about confidential and sensitive information. What is my legal liability?

Federal and state laws protect Citizen Review Panel members from legal prosecution so long as they are discharging their duties in an appropriate and confidential manner. However, breach of confidentiality is an extremely serious matter and Panel members are asked to sign an oath of confidentiality at every meeting.

What are the benefits of becoming a CRP member?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay members for their time and service, but there is money in the CRP budget for any travel and expenses incurred. There is also a small amount of money for Panel members to attend child welfare-related conferences and workshops. We have an annual dinner in which Panel members are recognized for their important work. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter.