Medically Complex Course Descriptions

Medically Complex Training Course Descriptions

These two initial trainings provide the foundation that is required for foster parents to be certified to care for medically complex children.


This two hour web-based training is an introductory into becoming a Medically Complex foster home to provide care for children with complex medical needs.

The online training link is sent to participants when they register for Join Hands Together. Orientation must be completed before participants attend Join Hands Together.

Join Hands Together

This training is for foster parents working with either the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) or private child care (PCC) agencies who want to provide care for medically complex children. PCC and DCBS workers, as well as those wanting to be approved Medically Complex respite providers, also participate in this training. Topics include growth and development, nutrition and feeding, medications, emergencies, documentation requirements, respite/resources and DCBS Standards of Practice (SOP).

Prerequisite : Medically Complex Online Orientation (Web Based Training)

Medically Fragile Annual Training Event

This training event is offered twice each year for DCBS & PCC medically fragile foster parents. It provides 16 hours of the ongoing training needed annually to meet the re-certification requirements of medically complex resource homes. Attendees choose from trainings that provide information most relevant to the needs of the children in their care.

Topics relevant to most medically complex children are offered through group sessions, followed by breakout sessions selected by each resource/foster parent. Topics are presented by a variety of community partners, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and social workers.

Prerequisite Information : Must be a current approved medically complex home

Other UK Training Resource Center Medically Complex Training

The Price They Pay

This training includes information on substances most commonly used during pregnancy, the mechanics of the brain, and the lifetime effects on children exposed to drugs and alcohol before birth. The effects of drug exposure on children living in the home with those abusing drugs are also discussed.

Prerequisite Information: Must be a current approved medically complex home

Preventing Disease Transmission

This training looks at the community acquired viruses and bacteria affecting many medically fragile children. Information is provided on MRSA VRE, RSV, Hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, Herpes and HPV.

Prerequisite Information : Must be a current approved medically fragile home

Finding A Hopeful Spirit

This training session is designed to assist families caring for children with complex medical needs and behavioral problems. The child with medical needs is challenging and compounding those needs with behavioral issues can cause chaos for the family. Finding a Hopeful Spirit offers explanations, suggestions and strategies for caring for these children on a daily basis.

Prerequisite Information : Must be a current approved medically complex home