Resource Parent Mentor Program Mentee Final Assessment
Program Structure
After being notified by the Program Director concerning your official match, how long did you wait before your assigned mentor made their first contact?
Working Together
7. During the mentoring period, my mentor….
8. Because of my mentoring relationship, I am ...
9. My mentor helped me improve my ability to use the following skills:

Please choose the phrase the best describes the level of compatibility experienced with your mentor.

  • Very Compatible ... We shared many common interests, could tell my mentor anything, and gained a great deal of knowledge
  • Fairly Compatible ... We shared a few interests, felt comfortable sharing, and gained some knowledge
  • Somewhat Compatible ... I was not totally comfortable sharing, but did gain some knowledge
  • Not Compatible ... I felt uncomfortable, and I was unable to trust the information received.
For Good Outcomes
Also please share any other information that you think will be helpful to improving the program.
If you would like to be contacted about this evaluation, please provide us with